Hoover PowerDrive – Purpose Built Pet Vacuum

The Hoover PowerDrive is a full sized upright vacuum that is built for picking up pet hair in carpets. Even though it is bagless it comes with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system that traps and contains 99.9% of allergens down to 0.5 microns in size. This is especially important for homes with multiple pets as they tend to shed often and leave dander all over the floors. Not only do you need powerful suction (which we will cover below) but you also need to be able to keep whatever microscopic organisms you pick up safely inside the vacuum cleaner. Hoover has always been known for doing just that.
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Shark Navigator Vs Rotator – Our Detailed Comparison

Shark is an innovative vacuum company that now has a large selection to choose from including upright, canister, cordless, and even robot vacuums. Two of their most popular lineups are the Navigator and Rotator series, both having several models to choose from. They both do a great job cleaning but accomplish the task a bit differently. Each will perform certain cleaning jobs better so we thought it would be helpful to put together a side by side comparison to help you decide which of these two upright vacuum cleaners is best for your home…the classic Navigator or the relatively new Rotator?
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Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean

The IONFlex 2X from Shark is a unique vacuum in that it provides the convenience of ‘on the go’ cordless cleaning while combining that with Shark’s DuoClean technology found in other models. DuoClean is a head design that works great on fine dust as well as large debris like rocks, food chunks, and dirt without changing the head or attachment. The lightweight design of the Ion Flex means you can move it around your home without difficulty and the different configurations (more on those below) make it easy to clean just about any type of floor, furniture, or high corner. It seems like today’s vacuums are all moving towards this type of flexibility since homeowners want to spend less time cleaning, and don’t want to buy multiple cleaners. And since Shark has always been on the forefront of technological advancements it is no surprise at how capable it is.

The 2X means you get 2 lithium ion batteries as well as a charging station that plugs directly into the wall. Each battery is removable so you can charge one while you are vacuuming your home using the other. This is a huge advantage over other cordless brands that only give you a set amount of time on each charge. You essentially have unlimited time as you can keep rotating (and charging) each battery.
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Miele Swing H1 QuickStep Stick Vacuum

The Miele Swing H1 QuickStep is a lightweight upright stick vacuum with stylish design and surprising performance. Similar to their other larger vacuums it is built to produce strong suction via a high flow of air without the excessive noise that other brands put out. And also like their popular canister lineup the Swing H1 works just as well on hard floors like tile, laminate, and hardwood as it does on carpeting. A variety of configurations and attachments means you will have the right setup for any surface. While you won’t want to use it exclusively for large carpeted homes it is an ideal choice for smaller apartments, kitchen spaces, offices, and even campers since it is so portable.

Some of the highlights of this model include a fully sealed filtration system with optional HEPA filter, 1000 watt motor with dual speed settings, and their newly designed FiberTeQ Combination floor tool that performs well on low to medium pile carpets and smooth floors. It is easy to transition from one room to another via different floor settings and for those thicker rugs there is also an optional PowerBrush. When deep cleaning is necessary it is recommended to use spinning brushes as they will agitate embedded dust particles so they can be pulled into the machine.
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Kenmore 31150 Elite Pet Upright

The Kenmore Elite 31150 is a full sized upright vacuum cleaner that is designed to rid your home of pet hair, dust, and other microscopic allergens that can trigger asthma or allergies. It requires the use of bags but they seal up quickly upon removal and do a much better job of holding the dirt than most similar sized bagless models. It offers a good combination of affordable price, cleaning performance, and decent mobility. When you compare the Kenmore to other vacuums that cost many times more you will find that it has as much or even more ability for just about any situation you need it for. And to save your arms and back, the 31150 is self propelled so you can move along at a decent pace with little effort.

When they say that pet hair doesn’t stand a chance against this machine they really mean it. The 31150 Elite is built with an even more powerful inducer motor than their prior cleaners to provide upwards of 20% more power. This helps pull embedded dust particles from the deepest carpet fibers, leaving the floor much cleaner than before. The more dander and animal odor you can remove the fresher the air will feel, and the healthier the indoor environment will be.
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Dyson Ball Multifloor 2

The Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 is their all purpose upright vacuum that is equipped for just about any type of floor including carpet, tile, laminate, and more. It has a slimmer design than their other full sized vacuums and it is very lightweight. This makes it easy to use for extended periods, even if you have to carry it up and down the stairs. They seemingly designed this model with a goal of making it easy to maneuver around without sacrificing the power or filtration that has made their brand so popular today. The 2nd iteration of their popular “Multi-floor” has largely succeeded as it is a solid cleaner with a relatively low purchase price, at least as compared to other similar uprights.

One of the features that Dyson is known for is suction power. The Multifloor 2 comes with their Radial Root Cycloneâ„¢ technology that forces the air through specially designed channels around the center of the internal assembly. This helps separate the dust from the air so it cannot drop and clog anywhere along the way. The result is maximum suction for an extended period of time which is something that other bagless vacuum cleaners struggle with.
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