Hoover PowerDrive – Purpose Built Pet Vacuum

The Hoover PowerDrive is a full sized upright vacuum that is built for picking up pet hair in carpets. Even though it is bagless it comes with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system that traps and contains 99.9% of allergens down to 0.5 microns in size. This is especially important for homes with multiple pets as they tend to shed often and leave dander all over the floors. Not only do you need powerful suction (which we will cover below) but you also need to be able to keep whatever microscopic organisms you pick up safely inside the vacuum cleaner. Hoover has always been known for doing just that.
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Bissell PowerEdge Pet Corded Hard Floor Vacuum

The PowerEdge Pet is a lightweight stick vacuum from Bissell that is purpose built for removing all types of debris from just about any hard floor surface in your home. It is ideal for homes with one or more pets, or really any household with high traffic areas as those seem to be a magnet for filth. It is a corded model so it doesn’t have the portability that other cordless brands do, but it is lightweight and has 20 feet of cord to work with. This makes it easy to carry around from room to room, and even up multiple flights of stairs if needed.

They state that it will pick up pet hair, dust bunnies, and other debris from tight corners on your smooth floors without requiring the use of attachments. This is not an easy task but is made possible by the unique design of the vacuum head. It is shaped in a V and has what Bissell calls ‘rubber wipers’ underneath that direct larger items towards the center of the suction path. The rubber is also designed to attract fine particles along the outer edge of these arms so nothing is left behind. This shape also lets you use the PowerEdge around furniture legs and other common items that you will encounter while cleaning around your home.
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Shark SharkFLEX DuoClean Lightweight Vacuum

The Shark SharkFLEX™ (HV391 model) is a very powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning the modern home. Today’s homes have a variety of floors as well as other surfaces like sofas, chairs, and window coverings that all collect dust. Plus many families have pets which tend to shed their hair and dander all over the house. This presents a problem that vacuums of a few years ago were not equipped to deal with. These traditional cleaners were large and clunky making them difficult to move into tight spaces. This is where an innovative company like Shark can really shine.

The SharkFLEX operates in a variety of modes to handle these various surfaces. You can use it in standard upright mode for larger, more open areas with either carpets or hard floors. Handheld mode is perfect for quick messes or tight spaces where you just cannot fit a large vacuum head into. Take the Shark into your car as well, giving you the ability to keep the interior free from dirt and dust on a regular basis. The unique MultiFLEX technology lets you bend the wand at an angle so you can slide the cleaning head under items that you previously could not. This feature alone provides a degree of cleaning that no other brand can boast but there is much more.
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Hoover Fusion Pet Cordless Vacuum

The Hoover Fusion Pet is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with a surprising amount of built-in technology. Like other modern cordless models it has a long lasting lithium ion battery that not only holds a charge much longer than prior generation batteries but also keeps the power constant. This is important because you don’t want your vacuum to slowly lose suction and cleaning ability as the charge fades, which was a big problem in the first generation cordless vacuums.

The biggest reason you would buy the Hoover Fusion is its’ versatility. It was designed to clean just about any surface, with the exception of medium to high pile carpets which are better suited to full sized vacuum cleaners. But if you need to clean hard floors like tile, hardwood, laminate, or even area rugs then a fast charging cordless makes a lot of sense. The modern household has many different types of flooring which is why just about every major vacuum brand has at least one portable model in their lineup. Many of them also can transform from stick to handheld, with the ability to use several different cleaning attachments.
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Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pet Bagless Upright

The latest generation upright from Hoover is their Windtunnel 3 Pet, specifically designed to tackle the unique challenge of keeping a home with one or more pets clean. Animals shed their hair often, but their hair isn’t the only problem. Dander, or dead skin cells also flakes off their bodies and triggers indoor allergies in many people. It takes the right combination of filtration, suction power, and attachments to rid your home of these allergens and that is what this new Hoover is all about.

The suction power starts with their Windtunnel™ technology which creates 3 air channels to lift and remove deeply embedded dirt particles from high pile carpets. And their multi-cyclonic interior design solves one of the biggest problems that bagless vacuums suffer from…clogging and loss of suction power over time. The air is passed through 13 cyclones to filter out dust and other debris before it gets to the filters. This results in much less buildup inside and keeps the cleaner operating at peak performance for extended cleaning sessions.
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SEBO Essential G Series Uprights

The SEBO Essential G lineup consists of two models that are designed and built in Germany, providing many years of commercial grade cleaning for your home. SEBO is known for building very high quality vacuum cleaners that will hold up to the rigors of cleaning a busy household. One of their main goals is to get people to realize that they don’t have to replace their cleaner every couple of years. Almost half the people buying a new vacuum have also purchased one within the past two years. That is a lot of waste in our landfills and a lot of wasted money. By educating people on the benefits of spending a little more money now to save a lot later, their company is doing a lot of good for this planet. In fact they are so confident in the quality of construction of their lineup that they offer consumers a five year warranty on parts and even labor should the machine need work.

The main difference between the two Essential upright vacuums is the size of the Power Head. The G1 comes with a 12 inch width while the G2 is fitted with a slightly larger 15 inches. The best choice really comes down to the size of your home and the general amount of carpeting throughout the house. Most people are fine with the G1 but you would want to consider the G2 if your home is larger or your rooms are very open. It would save some time as you would make fewer passes over the carpet each cleaning session.
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