Oreck Elevate Conquer Vacuum Cleaner

The Elevate Conquerâ„¢ from Oreck is built for maximum maneuverability without sacrificing the power needed for entire household cleaning. It is very lightweight but you should think of it as a full sized upright vacuum that is capable of cleaning a variety of floor types including tile, hardwood, linoleum, and of course carpeting. It isn’t loaded with attachments but instead is outfitted with the essentials to give you what you need for just about any surface, either at or above floor level.

The first thing you will notice about the Conquer is what they call the SlimSwivelâ„¢ steering to make it easier to move around your home. One of the biggest problems with larger upright vacuums is they can be difficult to steer around furniture. It is cumbersome as you constantly back it up and turn the wheels, which are typically fixed in a straight position. When you combine that with a rigid neck it doesn’t lend itself well to easy steering. Oreck decided to change this by putting a pivot point in the neck which allows you to turn and pivot around larger items much easier. You will save time by making fewer passes in each room.
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Oreck Venture Pro Bagged Vacuum

The Venture Pro is a full sized canister vacuum cleaner from one of the biggest names in the industry. Oreck has been building vacuums for more than 50 years, having established their brand as one of the best for both commercial and residential applications. It’s no surprise that homeowners consistently give them very positive reviews since they were originally designed for professional cleaners. That same quality has carried over into the Venture Pro which is purpose built to handle any floor in your home. It works just as well on tile, linoleum, and hardwood as it does on carpeting which is a huge plus since most modern households have a variety of floors in them.

Canister vacuums have become much more popular with homeowners over the past ten years. Anyone who uses one quickly realizes just how versatile they can be, especially on smooth floors and furniture. This is largely due to their design and available attachments for the extension wand. Canisters are much easier to use on hard floors because most of their weight is not concentrated directly over the power head. You can usually just attach the floor tool (with no spinning brush roll) and start vacuuming without the worry of damaging the delicate surface. Sure you can do this with an upright but it is not as easy, nor is it as effective.
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Oreck XL Classic Highlights and Review

Oreck is very well known in the vacuum cleaner industry. They are widely used in both commercial and residential applications which is a statement to just how well made they are. The XL Classic is a very lightweight upright that is likely their most recognized model. It has undergone several key changes over the years but still maintains the qualities that made it one of their most popular uprights: lightweight design with continuous suction power.

The XL is versatile enough to clean multiple types of flooring. It really shines on low pile carpets like berber and hard floors by turning off the spinning brush roll. This is an important feature as the high spinning of the brushes can scuff and damage delicate smooth flooring like hardwood, tile, and laminate. Plus the dirt will just blow around instead of being pulled up into the collection bag.
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