Hoover PowerDrive – Purpose Built Pet Vacuum

The Hoover PowerDrive is a full sized upright vacuum that is built for picking up pet hair in carpets. Even though it is bagless it comes with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system that traps and contains 99.9% of allergens down to 0.5 microns in size. This is especially important for homes with multiple pets as they tend to shed often and leave dander all over the floors. Not only do you need powerful suction (which we will cover below) but you also need to be able to keep whatever microscopic organisms you pick up safely inside the vacuum cleaner. Hoover has always been known for doing just that.
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Hoover Fusion Pet Cordless Vacuum

The Hoover Fusion Pet is a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with a surprising amount of built-in technology. Like other modern cordless models it has a long lasting lithium ion battery that not only holds a charge much longer than prior generation batteries but also keeps the power constant. This is important because you don’t want your vacuum to slowly lose suction and cleaning ability as the charge fades, which was a big problem in the first generation cordless vacuums.

The biggest reason you would buy the Hoover Fusion is its’ versatility. It was designed to clean just about any surface, with the exception of medium to high pile carpets which are better suited to full sized vacuum cleaners. But if you need to clean hard floors like tile, hardwood, laminate, or even area rugs then a fast charging cordless makes a lot of sense. The modern household has many different types of flooring which is why just about every major vacuum brand has at least one portable model in their lineup. Many of them also can transform from stick to handheld, with the ability to use several different cleaning attachments.
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Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pet Bagless Upright

The latest generation upright from Hoover is their Windtunnel 3 Pet, specifically designed to tackle the unique challenge of keeping a home with one or more pets clean. Animals shed their hair often, but their hair isn’t the only problem. Dander, or dead skin cells also flakes off their bodies and triggers indoor allergies in many people. It takes the right combination of filtration, suction power, and attachments to rid your home of these allergens and that is what this new Hoover is all about.

The suction power starts with their Windtunnel™ technology which creates 3 air channels to lift and remove deeply embedded dirt particles from high pile carpets. And their multi-cyclonic interior design solves one of the biggest problems that bagless vacuums suffer from…clogging and loss of suction power over time. The air is passed through 13 cyclones to filter out dust and other debris before it gets to the filters. This results in much less buildup inside and keeps the cleaner operating at peak performance for extended cleaning sessions.
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Hoover Sprint QuickVac Vacuum

The Sprint QuickVac is one of Hoover’s most compact and lightweight vacuums, designed for tighter spaces that don’t offer a lot of room for turning. Even though it is one of their lighter cleaners it still boasts a good deal of suction power including their multi-cyclonic technology that separates the finest dust particles from the air before they come into contact with the filter. This not only keeps performance high but it also saves on maintenance as you are rinsing and replacing the filters less often.

It’s designed to handle multiples types of flooring including carpets and smooth surfaces like tile, linoleum, and hardwood. However, it really doesn’t have the size and power to deep clean thick or high piled carpeting so if that describes a good portion of your home then you should look for something bigger. The various floors coincide with 3 different nozzle height settings, to position the head at the right distance from the surface. This isn’t quite the adjustability of higher end vacuums but it does an adequate job when you transition from one room to the next.
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Hoover Cruise Cordless Vacuum

The Cruise™ is the latest ultra lightweight offering from Hoover that comes with many improvements over their prior generation of cordless vacuums. It has a variety of configurations that allow you to clean just about any surface in your home. And since it is cordless you can move around freely without the hassle of staying near an electrical outlet. And when you are done you can simply hang it onto the wall charger so it is ready to go next time. Today’s cordless vacuum cleaner has seen so many improvements over the last couple years that they are now a viable option for the modern household.

The biggest improvement found on the Cruise has to be the 22 volt lithium ion battery. Prior generations came with low powered batteries that didn’t hold a charge for long, typically only 10 to 15 minutes. The newer generation of batteries is much better, both in terms of power output and length of use. And not only will it last longer but the power is constant right up until it is drained. When it comes to lighter weight cordless vacuums it is always better to have constant power for the entire cleaning session.
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Hoover Windtunnel Air Canister

The Hoover Air is a mid sized vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with their well known Windtunnel™ 3 technology. Like most other canister vacuums it is versatile and designed for a variety of floor types. These kinds of cleaners tend to work best on hard floors like tile, hardwood, and laminate since all the weight isn’t concentrated over the power head. The brushes are not pushed as hard into the surface so there is much less chance of damaging those delicate surfaces. Plus, they usually come with a variety of attachments for just about any type of cleaning you will encounter around the home. The Air is no exception to this but there are things it does well and some it struggles with.

What does Hoover mean when they say ‘Windtunnel Technology’? In its’ simplest terms this means a unique design to the airflow which causes air channels to form under the head. Each channel helps lift the dirt up so the suction can easily pull it in. Not only does this help pick up more dirt and dust from the carpet but it also helps prevent it from being blown around, a major problem with some brands. Blowing dust will go up into the air and settle on many objects in your home. This is what you want your vacuum to eliminate and the Windtunnel has been refined over the years to do just that.
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