Clean Your Stairs With The Right Vacuum

If you have a home with one or more flights of stairs then you undoubtedly know two things: they are a very high traffic area and they are not easy to keep clean. It doesn’t matter if they are carpeted or wood, stairs will collect dirt on a regular basis. And if you have pets living in your house you will be dealing with the occasional napping animal on one of the steps. This is fine except for the fact that pet hair and dander will be left behind and over time they will collect and build up. It’s important to have a strategy for cleaning your stairway, and a great place to start is with the right vacuum cleaner for the job.

Before comparing our recommended stair vacuums we should go over the qualities you want to look for when choosing the best brand and model. Here is a quick rundown of the features and why they are important:

  • Portable Design – The first feature to look for is portability since you will be moving around quite a bit when using it. Obviously there are different ways to accomplish this but ultimately you need a vacuum that is easy to move around the different levels of your home.
  • Lightweight – This goes hand in hand with the first feature listed above. You need a cleaner that is light so you can pick it up with almost no effort. Your main focus will be on getting the stairs free from dirt so you need something that is on the lighter side.
  • Stair Attachment – Unless you are using a fully portable or handheld vacuum then you must have an attachment for the extension hose or wand. Trying to use a full sized machine on a stair effectively is almost impossible, but with the right tool it can be quick and easy. Fortunately most vacuums come with one or more attachments that fit this criteria.
  • Ample Suction Power – Good suction is only important for carpeted stairways but if this describes your home then you will want a machine with a good amount of power. It’s really the only way to pull embedded dirt up since you will likely be using a smaller vacuum or attachment. You won’t have the benefit of pushing the spinning brushes down into the fibers like you would on a full sized heavier model.

Our Top Recommended Cordless Vacuum

The Dyson V Series (V6, V7, and V8) are cordless, handheld vacuums that have a lot of versatility for cleaning a variety of surfaces around your home. They have all the features mentioned above plus some additional ones like multiple configurations and long lasting lithium ion batteries. These batteries provide long life on a full charge, upwards of 45 minutes, so you can not only tackle your stairs but many other surfaces as well. Operate it with the extension wand in ‘lightweight upright’ mode or in handheld mode depending on what you are looking to clean.

The power is provided by a unique digital pulse motor which spins the internal cyclones at more than 100,000 revolutions per minute. The result is much more power than you would expect from a cordless model. It won’t matter if the surface is carpet, wood, tile, or laminate the dirt will have no chance of escaping. And you have the option of adding HEPA filtration to the V6 or V7 but it comes standard on the high-end V8.

Other features include a docking station, ‘Max’ power modes, and a variety of attachments including one with spinning brushes. The versatility and power of the V series make it one of the best choices for vacuuming stairs on a regular basis. Click here to visit our recommended supplier for current pricing.

The Best Upright For Vacuuming Stairs

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away is a very unique vacuum cleaner that is technically an upright but also can be operated as a handheld canister (3 different modes). You can use standard upright mode for the majority of floor cleaning, powered ‘lift away’ for reaching under and around various items, and canister mode for many ‘above the floor’ applications including stairs. What makes the Shark a great choice is the option to lift the canister body off so you can carry it around. This means you won’t have to carry the full vacuum up and down the steps but only a much lighter part.

This video shows these distinct modes of operation:

Other features include fingertip controls for suction power, swivel steering in upright mode, LED lighting for those dark spaces, and a variety of attachments for just about any surface you can think of. Fully sealed HEPA filtration traps those microscopic allergens inside and keeps them there so you can breathe easier inside your home. And another great quality of this model is the low price as compared to the competition. It is one of the most affordable full sized upright vacuums you will find today. Click here to visit our favorite ecommerce site for pricing and consumer reviews.

Our Favorite Lightweight Canister

The Miele C2 Compact is a lightweight canister vacuum from one of the best known brands in the industry today. They call it their ‘Compact’ because it is smaller in size and can be put away in tight spaces. This small size helps for this application too as it is easy to carry and has a very lightweight design. Moving the C2 around your home is easily accomplished by just about anybody, including up and down multiple flights of stairs.

Not only do you get multiple floor attachments but you also have smaller tools for furniture, curtains, and stairs. This model is more of a complete household cleaning choice so if you are looking to buy one vacuum that can do everything, the Miele is an excellent choice. Fully sealed HEPA filtration, multiple suction levels, and a 7 year warranty are just some of the features that make it a popular option with homeowners. It is more expensive than the Shark but offers more in terms of total household cleaning ability. And every Miele vacuum is put through the equivalent of 20 years of typical use to make sure it will hold up in the long run. That’s really what you get when you spend the extra money on a machine like the C2. Click here for more information including prices and shipping deals.