Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Shark is one of a conglomerate of brands under the SharkNinja corporate umbrella. The parent company is focused on small appliances that can fill the demands of the average modern household. And from out of that larger grouping of brands came Shark vacuums who are known for their versatility and technological advancements, without the large price tag that typically comes with it. Their lineup is one of the more affordable ones and is a major reason why they are quickly growing into one of the “big brands” that everyone recognizes. But it isn’t enough to have affordable vacuum cleaners…they have to actually perform. Once you read any number of consumer reviews you will notice a trend: very positive ratings and multiple comments about innovation.

Innovation is really at the heart of the cleaning machines they build. Shark’s CEO was born into the family business and is really at the forefront of bringing the best vacuums to the market that solve problems for people. An example is the Lift Away Rotator, which allows you to detach the main body from the power head so you can reach under furniture and beds. This is accomplished while the motor still pulls maximum suction and the brush roll continues to spin. Most other uprights simply use a floor tool with extension wand for reaching underneath furniture but you MUST have spinning brushes to agitate the embedded dust mites that are hiding down in the carpet fibers.

Accessories For All Cleaning Applications

One of the most important considerations when comparing vacuums is the attachments. Depending on which model you choose you will have your choice of such tools as their mini motorized pet brush, the pet hair multi tool, multi angle dusting brush (great for corners and other tough to reach spots), and an under appliance wand. This attachment is really handy for getting dust and food particles out from under the refrigerator or stove without needing to move them out. Also available are many different sized crevice nozzles to reach between cushions or in tight spaces that larger tools cannot get to.

The Shark Difference

When comparing Shark to other brands it becomes obvious what the main differences are. Their vacuum cleaner lineup certainly isn’t the most expensive and the cost of maintenance is relatively low, with no replacement bags to buy. What really sets them apart is innovation. You don’t normally see vacuums that can adjust into multiple machines with the push of a button. Their engineers are always considering the problems that homeowners face when cleaning their floors on a regular basis. Then they set out to put features into their products that solve these problems without adding cost or difficulty of use. It’s really a company directive that comes from all the way at the top, driving innovation and technical advancements in their lineup each year. This innovation helped them grab a huge share of the market from Dyson.

Shark Rotator

The Rotator is made up of a couple different models that are quite unique in how they operate. In addition to being a full sized upright with enough power to deep clean carpets, you can “lift away” the motor and dirt collection chamber with the push of a button. This allows you to transform the vacuum into a powered portable canister for cleaning under items that were previously impossible to reach.

Quality filters are also important when looking for a vacuum that can handle entire household cleaning. This model comes with fully sealed HEPA filtration that is rated to trap 99.9% of those microscopic allergens like dust mites and pet dander. And since it is a fully sealed system there is virtually no chance for dirt particles to escape out during use. There are actually multiple filters at different stages of the pathway to make sure the air is healthy when it comes out.

For those families with pets, having the right attachment is important as hair and dander can gather on many different surfaces. You can add on such accessories as the pet upholstery tool, hard floor attachment, mini motorized brush, and various dusting brushes. A car detail kit is also available for those who want to keep their auto as clean as their home. Read our Lift Away review for more information as well as a video demonstrating how these features really set it apart.

Shark Rocket with DuoClean

The Rocket DuoClean is a very low weight but high functioning upright that quickly converts into a handheld vacuum. It has unmatched versatility in the vacuum industry which allows you to use it just about anywhere that needs to be cleaned. Take it into the garage for a quick vacuuming of the car rugs or into the basement to get the windowsills free from cobwebs. Just simply remove the main shaft and put on the right attachment for the job.

The DuoClean™ design includes two distinct brushrolls that spin in unison to both agitate and attract all sized particles (from tiny up to large). The hard brush is built like a standard spinning brushroll that you would find on any upright. It’s main job is to stir up deeply embedded dirt and dust so it can be picked up by the soft brush. This combination is unique to the Rocket but ingenious in design.

It’s one of the best choices for those households with many types of floors. It’s ideal for use on tile, laminate, linoleum, and hardwood but also works well most carpets. The only thing lacking is HEPA filtration like that found on the Rotator but this machine wasn’t designed to need it. Check out our Rocket DuoClean review for a more indepth look at it before deciding if it makes sense for your household.

Shark IONFlex 2X with DuoClean

The IONFlex 2X with DuoClean is a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner that can transform into a variety of different machines for complete household cleaning. You can operate it in their MultiFLEX Reach Mode where the wand will bend in the middle to allow the head to reach deep under your furniture or tables. Keep those tough to reach areas free from dust without having to move the heavy items around.

It also can transform into full handheld mode for cleaning your car, stairs, upholstery, and tough to reach places around your house. Operate it this way with or without the extension wand using a variety of attachments. And two removable batteries can be charged at different times so you always have one ready to go when any mess arises.

Shark always brings a lot of new technology to the industry and the all new IONFlex is no exception. It operates similar to their ever popular Rocket but with a few new wrinkles added in. Read our review here to learn more about it and see a brief video of it in action.

SharkFLEX Corded Lightweight

The SharkFLEX Lightweight vacuum is virtually the same model as the IONFlex with the exception of being corded instead of cordless. It can be used in the MultiFLEX mode for extended reach under such items as appliances, furniture, and beds. It makes it much easier to remove dirt from those tough to reach places that usually are ignored.

It can also easily transition into a hand-held vac which allows you to take it with you ‘on the go’. This is what you need for quick cleanups in your car or any other place that a full sized model cannot reach. Just make sure you are close to an electric outlet as this one doesn’t run on lithium batteries.

High quality filtration and a dual purpose pet tool also mean it works great for those homes that have one or more pets living there. Hair and dander gather on just about all surfaces so you need to have the best vacuum for the job. The SharkFLEX is purpose built just for that. Read our review for detailed information and a link to where you can find the lowest price on it.

Shark Navigator Lineup

The Navigator upright lineup consists of various models including their Lift Away, Professional, and Freestyle cordless stick. It’s their original vacuum and the one that made the company such a big name in the home cleaning industry. Now the original Navigator has been expanded upon, offering a great solution for any sized household or even commercial business.

The original came with a low price tag and provided excellent filtration to go along with a powerful motor. The current lineup takes that to a new level by adding Shark’s unique Lift Away as well as a battery powered cordless option. The idea is to have more choices since today’s home has a wide variety of floor types as well as ‘above the floor’ surfaces. Not every family will have the same needs so Shark decided to expand upon their most popular upright vacuum cleaner.

For a more detailed comparison including purchase recommendations, click here for our Navigator review. We give a rundown of each of these vacuums to help you decide which Shark is the best choice for your household.

If you still aren’t sure which full sized upright you need and want a more in depth comparison, click here for our Navigator and Rotator comparison where we look at how they stack up in a variety of categories. These are their two most popular choices for whole household cleaning.