Shark Navigator Vacuum Series

The Shark Navigator is their original upright vacuum that was designed for no frills ‘whole household’ cleaning. It originally came with a large dust capacity, powerful motor, and low price tag making it an excellent choice for families. Today the Navigator lineup is made up of several different models and configurations, letting you choose which cleaner is right for your home. Each of them share the same goal of removing dirt from high traffic areas and most are equipped with excellent HEPA filtration to trap the smallest of allergens as the air passes through. Here is a detailed comparison to help you decide if one is the best option for your family.

Lift Away

The Powered Lift Away is very unique in that it comes with a fully detachable canister to help you reach areas that are normally hard to reach, especially with powered attachments. You can pull the canister off and carry it around, using it like a handheld vacuum with the same amount of power that you would have in the upright mode. It’s a distinct feature that really sets this model apart.

You also get excellent filtration that comes with their Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology™ and HEPA filter. These components work together to trap microscopic allergens like pet dander, mold spores, and the common dust mites inside the cleaner before the air passes back into your home. This is important to keep the indoor air quality high especially for those with asthma or allergies.

Other features include Shark’s advanced swivel steering system for maximum maneuverability, LED headlights down near the floor, fingertip controls, and a hard floor attachment designed specifically to attract dust and dirt. Their Dust-Away tool picks up both larger pieces as well as fine particles making this vacuum ideal for all types of flooring.


The Navigator Professional is a full sized upright that comes with a large (XL) capacity dust cup as well as the fully sealed HEPA filtration system mentioned above. You also get their swivel steering to let you move it around the items in your home like furniture, beds, and tables. This is important when using a larger vacuum cleaner over extended periods of time.

You get the other same features mentioned above including fingertip suction control, LED lights that really light up dark areas, and a brushroll shutoff to use it on hard floors like tile and hardwood. The Professional is recommended for larger homes that have a good amount of carpeting. It works well on both low and high piled carpets as it has the power to pull embedded dirt from deep down into the fibers.


The standard Shark Navigator is one of the lighter full sized vacuums that is still designed for cleaning your whole house. While the base model does not come with a HEPA filter it does come with their Premium pet power brush attachment which works wonders on difficult to pickup pet hair. It’s a great tool for those homes with pets as the hairs tend to gather on all surfaces like furniture and bedding. A tool like this is a necessity for having a clean indoor environment.

Other highlights include a large capacity dust chamber and an extension wand for reaching high places. Think of the base model as a no frills upright that is easy to maneuver around the objects in your home. And thanks to their ‘Never Lose Suction’ technology the power stays constant throughout the vacuuming session. Minimal maintenance is all that is required to keep it running in peak condition. You also have the option of purchasing it in their ‘Light’ configuration which shaves even more pounds off, getting the overall weight down to just over 11 pounds.


The Freestyle is the cordless model in this lineup, offering the convenience of a rechargeable battery and ultra light weight of only 7.5 pounds. It doesn’t have the suction power of their larger uprights but that’s ok because it isn’t meant for heavy duty carpet cleaning. While the Freestyle can pickup pet hair and other debris from lower pile carpets it’s main function is to get bare floors free from dirt.

To charge it you just put the vacuum in a small cradle that plugs into the wall. The battery charges in around 4 hours if completely drained and can last long enough to clean a full sized house. Another helpful feature is the dual speed brushroll which has one setting for carpeting and one for smooth floors. The swivel steering helps you maneuver around furniture, tables, and chairs without much difficulty too. If you are looking for a lightweight stick vacuum that can handle just about any surface around your home then the Freestyle is a great choice.

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