Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean

The IONFlex 2X from Shark is a unique vacuum in that it provides the convenience of ‘on the go’ cordless cleaning while combining that with Shark’s DuoClean technology found in other models. DuoClean is a head design that works great on fine dust as well as large debris like rocks, food chunks, and dirt without changing the head or attachment. The lightweight design of the Ion Flex means you can move it around your home without difficulty and the different configurations (more on those below) make it easy to clean just about any type of floor, furniture, or high corner. It seems like today’s vacuums are all moving towards this type of flexibility since homeowners want to spend less time cleaning, and don’t want to buy multiple cleaners. And since Shark has always been on the forefront of technological advancements it is no surprise at how capable it is.

The 2X means you get 2 lithium ion batteries as well as a charging station that plugs directly into the wall. Each battery is removable so you can charge one while you are vacuuming your home using the other. This is a huge advantage over other cordless brands that only give you a set amount of time on each charge. You essentially have unlimited time as you can keep rotating (and charging) each battery.

Fully Sealed To Trap Allergens

It’s important for any vacuum cleaner to be able to trap the microscopic allergens that you cannot see. These organisms include pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites lurking deep in the fibers of your carpet. The bagless IONFlex has been tested and rated to remove 99.8% of them down to the size of 0.1 microns. In other words it will capture just about all allergens that exist inside the air that is pulled in. Shark calls this their Anti-Allergen Complete Seal as the filtration and airways are completely sealed to not let even the smallest dust escape back into your home. Bagged cleaners have always been more capable at keeping the dirt trapped inside but a fully sealed system like this one will work just as well and is not as common on bagless models, especially those that are cordless.

More On Their DuoClean™ Technology

Shark’s DuoClean is a multi-functional dual purpose vacuum head that can clean smooth floors as well as carpets. The soft brushroll rides in front and has a couple of purposes. The main purpose of it is to pull dust and other fine particles up from hard floors like hardwood, tile, and laminate to leave the surface shiny. The soft brushroll also compresses to pull in larger items so the strong suction power can deposit them into the collection bin.

The much larger bristle brush sits just behind and is used to agitate and lift embedded dirt from out of your carpet’s fibers. Deep down is where dirt particles can hide, and the IONFlex has the power to leave nothing behind. Whether the particles are large or small, on smooth floors or plush carpeting, the DuoClean is designed to quickly remove all of them without requiring you to move back and forth with it. Here is a short video that demonstrates exactly how this unique quality in their vacuums works:

MultiFLEX™ Mode Has An Extended Reach

Another really unique feature of the ION Flex is what they call MultiFLEX Reach Mode. The extension wand is flexible in the middle so you can bend it so the vacuum head will reach under furniture, tables, or beds with ease. When you are done ‘reaching’ you can simply straighten the wand back out to operate in full upright mode. This is what you would want for fast cleaning of large areas and rooms. This MultiFLEX feature is a big time saver as you don’t have to periodically move your large items around so you can grab the dust bunnies underneath them. A small adjustment to the Shark is all you need.

Like many of the popular cordless vacuums today, you can also transform the IONFlex into a handheld vacuum in almost no time. You can use it in this mode with or without the extension wand, with a variety of attachments. It’s pretty easy to dust book shelves, clean out your car seats, and reach high above for the cobwebs that gather near your ceiling. A lot of thought was put into this machine to really make it one of the best options for the modern household.

Other Features

  • Smart Response Technology offers a variety of different power settings at your fingertips to really customize your cleaning experience
  • 2X ION Power Pack gives you two different removable and rechargeable lithium ion batteries for long lasting power
  • LED Headlights not only light up everything in your path but also conserve energy when compared to standard vacuum cleaner lights
  • Various Attachments depending on the model include a dusting brush, crevice tool, pet multi-tool, and motorized mini tool

Optional Pet and Allergy Power Pack

There is an additional add-on kit called the Pet and Allergy Power Pack that you can purchase should your home contain one or more pets. It has some extra tools that are great at removing pet hair and dander from your home so you can breathe much easier. This is even more important if you suffer from indoor allergies or asthma. These attachments include a deep cleaning motorized pet tool, an anti-allergen dust brush, and an onboard tool clip. Plus you get an extra ION power pack and charger. The kit is not cheap but it makes a great addition for those homes with animals that shed.

It’s very evident that they designed the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean to be very versatile so it can handle all surfaces in the modern home. It can operate in a variety of configurations, with various power settings, and using many different attachments so you never have to buy a second (or third) specialized vacuum cleaner. The unique DuoClean system lets it transition from bare floors to your carpets with almost no delay. And it is light enough to carry up and down stairs, or better yet clean the stairs using the built-in handheld mode. There really isn’t anything it cannot do. The one area it may struggle with is thick or high pile carpeting, but the power and brush roll do an adequate job there. You may need something bigger and heavier if you have primarily thick carpets. To check current pricing and read consumer reviews, click here to visit our recommended online supplier.