SEBO FELIX Upright Vacuums

SEBO makes their vacuum cleaners in Germany and puts them through a lot of testing to make sure they can hold up to a lot of use. Many cleaning professionals use them in a commercial setting in such places as hospitals, schools, and office buildings. This high-end quality is passed down into all of their models, including the FELIX. These uprights are typically bought for use in homes, especially those with one or more pets. So many animal lovers give them such high ratings that SEBO calls them the best pet vacuums currently on the market. While this is a bold statement they do have many great features to back that up.

The FELIX comes in two different configurations: the Kombi and Premium. The main difference between them is the Premium comes with a 12 inch wide ET-1 power head (electric) for deep cleaning carpets as well as a parquet brush for hard flooring like tile, laminate, and linoleum. The Kombi includes their special Kombi nozzle with retractable bristles for vacuuming both smooth floors and rugs via straight suction. It doesn’t have an electric powered head like the Premium model does.

While both of these cleaners are lightweight with tremendous suction, the FELIX 1 Premium is the top choice for those households with pets since that power head really pulls the hair out of carpeting, even if deeply embedded. That’s one of the three things you really need for removing pet hair and dander from the surfaces in your home: a high quality spinning brush roll, great filtration, and multiple attachments. This SEBO checks all of those boxes.

Air Filtration Is Key

They strongly believe that bags are the best design for removing dirt and microscopic allergens like dust mites. Anyone who has used a bagless vacuum will notice that dust escapes and collects on the outside of the machine, usually around the collection bin. SEBO uses 3 and 4 layer bags that seal up almost instantly upon removal so nothing can escape.

In addition to the quality bag, the FELIX also comes with pre-motor filters to screen the air before it passes over the motor. Then the final filtration step happens right before the air is pushed out of the machine, via S-class exhaust microfilters. Think of them as the last line of defense, cleaning up anything that has made it this far. The specially designed material electrostatically attracts these tiny organisms and removes them from the air. The result is a much healthier environment for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, especially in homes with multiple animals. In fact, these filters are rated to remove more than 99% of allergens down to 0.3 microns in size. This is pretty standard on the higher end cleaners but not typically achieved on the cheaper brands.

FELIX Features

  • Multi Floor Cleaning – Powered head for thick carpets and parquet brush for hard floors lets you handle all surfaces
  • SEBO Disc Head – Attachment lets you polish your floors with minimal work
  • Variable Suction Handle Control – Change the suction from max to low with control switch on the handle
  • Swivel Neck – Unique neck design lets you get 180 degrees of turning so you can move around your furniture with no trouble
  • Handheld Portable Configuration – Remove the power head to turn it into a portable canister style vacuum for reaching where a full sized upright cannot
  • Instant Use Suction Hose – Pulls straight out for vacuuming stairs, curtains, and baseboards with the help of a 20 inch wand
  • Flat To The Floor Profile – Use it almost completely flat, down to 6 inches, to reach under beds and tables

SEBO Standard Features

  • Tightly Sealed Hospital-Grade Filtration – Tight seals and quality filter fabric capture virtually all allergens from the air
  • Rubber Wheels and Bumpers – Protects your home with softer, rubber exterior components
  • Quick Change Dust Bags – Takes only a couple of seconds to swap out a full dirt collection bag
  • Excellent Warranty – 7 year warranty on the motor and 5 years on the other non-wear parts

The SEBO FELIX 1 Premium and 4 Kombi are extremely lightweight (under 20 pounds), have powerful suction, and excellent filtration. This is why they are among the highest rated pet vacuums sold today. Use it as a full sized upright or remove the head for canister style use, it is versatile enough to go anywhere. There is even a shoulder strap should you want to use it in a portable way for long periods. The “flex neck” is another unique feature that lets you move it around the many items in your home without the troubles that regular wheeled vacuums can sometimes give you. It’s a bit pricey but not when you consider how many years you will get from it. These models can last you 10 years or more with little maintenance. Plus, the cleaning ability is much better than the lesser priced brands so the value is actually much higher. To read more about them and check current shipping options, click here to go to our recommended ecommerce store.