SEBO Essential G Series Uprights

The SEBO Essential G lineup consists of two models that are designed and built in Germany, providing many years of commercial grade cleaning for your home. SEBO is known for building very high quality vacuum cleaners that will hold up to the rigors of cleaning a busy household. One of their main goals is to get people to realize that they don’t have to replace their cleaner every couple of years. Almost half the people buying a new vacuum have also purchased one within the past two years. That is a lot of waste in our landfills and a lot of wasted money. By educating people on the benefits of spending a little more money now to save a lot later, their company is doing a lot of good for this planet. In fact they are so confident in the quality of construction of their lineup that they offer consumers a five year warranty on parts and even labor should the machine need work.

The main difference between the two Essential upright vacuums is the size of the Power Head. The G1 comes with a 12 inch width while the G2 is fitted with a slightly larger 15 inches. The best choice really comes down to the size of your home and the general amount of carpeting throughout the house. Most people are fine with the G1 but you would want to consider the G2 if your home is larger or your rooms are very open. It would save some time as you would make fewer passes over the carpet each cleaning session.

Essential Model Features

One of their most powerful vacuums but built to be very quiet during operation, the G1 and G2 are built with mostly steel and heavy duty plastic components. The motor life is extended by a unique design including a soft start feature that puts much less stress on it, especially when the vacuum is first turned on. The suction hose provides a generous 8 foot reach and each model includes 3 standard on-board accessories for those ‘above the floor’ surfaces. Their instant use cleaning wand is another unique tool that lets you quickly clean hard to reach places. Other notable qualities include a very low 5.5 inch profile for under furniture cleaning, a tool free brushroll removal for easy cleaning/replacement, and a bag full light with automatic shut off.

Standard SEBO Features

  • World’s Best Pet Vacuum Cleaners – tremendous cleaning ability of their power heads makes them ideal choices for homes with one or more pets
  • British Allergy Foundation recommended – excellent choice for those with asthma or allergies as they come with tightly sealed hospital grade filtration with HEPA filters
  • Extra Protection For Your Home – rubber wheels and bumpers provide great protection for your walls and floors from scuffs, scratches, and more
  • Commercial Grade Components – thick reinforced plastic and metal parts are found throughout which greatly increases the longevity and reduces maintenance costs
  • Quick Dust Bag Change System – change the fully sealed, large capacity 1.4 gallon dirt bags in just a couple of seconds
  • Forty Foot Electric Cord – more than 10 feet longer than the typical cord found on cheaper vacuum cleaners gives you much greater range

When their engineers designed the latest generation of Essential upright vacuums they wanted to make sure it would last as long as you would expect a SEBO to. I mentioned a couple of these above but another feature that deserves mentioning is their ‘bag full or clog light’ that will illuminate whenever the collection bag is full or when a clog is detected somewhere along the airflow path. And not only will the light come on but the machine will also automatically shut off after 60 seconds to prevent overheating or any motor damage that can come from this type of heavy use. Clogging isn’t typical but it can happen so this is just another reason to buy a more expensive brand like SEBO when considering a new vacuum cleaner.

Your new vacuum choice really comes down to spending more money for a high quality brand or spending much less on a cheap or ‘throwaway’ brand. Not only will the more expensive SEBO Essential last much longer but it will also clean your home a lot better than any less expensive vacuum can. The power heads can pull embedded dirt from even the thickest of carpets and the fully sealed hospital grade filtration means that no microscopic allergens like dust mites or pet dander can escape back into the air. The Essential is one of the best choices for pet owners or any home with allergy sufferers. It may look like an old school vacuum but it cleans like the modern machine it is. Click here to learn more about it and check current shipping specials at our recommended supplier.