Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum

The Red Scout RX1 robotic vacuum from Miele is fully updated with modern technology to help it traverse your home on autopilot cleaning your various floor surfaces. With their improved Smart Navigation system that combines various sensors and electronics it is much more precise and reliable, learning your layout much quicker than before. Testing shows an improvement of around 1/3 in terms of efficiency over prior models so it will not only do a better job picking up dirt and dust, but also work at a quicker pace. And it doesn’t matter if you have hard floors or low pile carpet, it will transition from one to the other with no problem.

Miele has long been known as one of the best brands in not only the vacuum cleaner industry but also the home appliance space. Their vacuums get top ratings for filtration, power, and durability as they are tested to last the equivalent of 20 years of typical use. While they are mostly known for their canister and upright vacuums, their latest robot vacuum has all of the technology you would expect from Miele. It hasn’t been around as long as the offerings from Roomba and other other top brands but it is just about on par with them in terms of performance. Here is a rundown of the features.

4+1 Cleaning Modes With Remote Control

The Red Scout RX1 comes equipped with 4 different cleaning modes that work best for the typical household. The Auto Mode setting is what would normally be used. It will clean all the rooms on the floor (up to 1600 square feet) and then return to the charging station. This is what you would use on a regular basis. Corner Mode is almost like an add-on that will first run Auto Mode and then do an extra cleaning to the corners of each room. This is where a lot of dust tends to gather so this is good to run once in a while. Spot Mode deep cleans a much smaller area of only 6 square feet. Use this setting when you need a quick pickup on a smooth floor like tile or hardwood or a deep cleaning of carpets. And finally the Turbo Mode is similar to Auto Mode but runs about 50% faster. The Scout will leave more space between passes before returning to the base for a re-charge. The convenient remote control also lets you program your settings and control the unit from your hand, without having to reach down and touch the vacuum directly.

Dual Stage Filtration

Like Miele’s other vacuums, the RX1 robot comes with a 2 stage filtration system to trap much more dirt than the competition. Their AirClean™ filter is built to capture the smallest of dust particles and keep them confined to the collection box instead of the air around your home. Most robotic vacuums do not have quality filters (if any at all) but the Miele is built to work just as good as their larger models.

Smart™ Navigation System

The most important feature that a robot vacuum cleaner can have is the ability to navigate thoroughly around each room on a regular schedule without any interruptions. When you leave for work for the day you expect it to do its’ job, cleaning your floors as often as you need. Miele created the Smart Navigation system to do just this. It uses a combination of a ceiling camera, built-in sensors, and smart software to learn the boundaries of each room and keep it cleaning without any issues.

The Positioning System camera gives the Scout a birds eye view of the main obstacles to feed this information to the main electronic hub. 10 different sensors help the machine move around these obstacles and also avoid going down any stairs that could damage the machine. Rubber bumpers help cushion any contact that may occur so your items do not get scratched or scuffed up.

Here is a quick video that demonstrates their Smart Navigation in addition to some of the other main features:

Thorough Corner Cleaning

Miele also designed an advanced corner cleaning system to get dirt where it is most likely to gather. This is a big issue with other robotic vacuums but not with the RX1. It’s no surprise to any homeowner that small dust bunnies like to collect where large vacuum cleaners cannot get them. They get pushed around by the air and ultimately collect in corners and tight spaces. The Scout has the perfect navigation feature to help it move close to walls and right into corners where the extra long side brush can reach out and grab the dirt. Once you use this mode you will be surprised at how much cleaner your floors look.

Triple Cleaning System

Picking up dirt is not that easy for a small, lightweight robotic model like this. The engineers at Miele put some thought into how to effectively pickup debris like dirt particles, pet hair, and food crumbs without blowing it around as it passes over. The RX1 Scout is built with three ways to do this: two side rotating brushes grab items from the side, a roller brush tackles debris that is rolled over, and the powerful suction with sealed air design pull dust up before it can be blown away.

The Miele Red Scout represents a big step forward for their robotic vacuum lineup. It is very easy to program and operate, usually only two pushes of the touch display is all that is needed. The easy to use remote control will get you going in no time and the built-in features keep it operating on a regular schedule, fully cleaning each room in your home. To read more about it including online consumer reviews and check pricing, click here to visit our recommended internet store.