Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister

The Compact C2 is a ‘do it all’ canister vacuum from one of the best known brands in the industry. It is one of the more unique vacuums in that it works great on all types of carpeting from low to high pile as well as smooth floors like tile, laminate, and hardwood. Most canisters are purpose built for hard floor surfaces and the occasional throw rug, but Miele realizes that the modern household needs more. Their lineup is one of the most robust that you will find, with several models in each category. The main thing that separates them is the attachments but there are other subtle differences that you should be aware of before you decide to buy one.

The first thing you will notice about the C2 Electro+ is it comes with both their hard floor and carpet ElectroBrush attachment. The Parquet-3 has an extra wide profile to pick up the most dirt and dust while making passes across your smoother surfaces. It has soft natural bristles which not only stir up any debris so it can be pulled up into the cleaner, but they also won’t damage your floor at all. The Parquet lets you easily clean large areas with the need for a broom or dust pan. This tool is one of the best for hard floors, and one that you will find yourself cleaning with often.

More About Their ElectroBrush

Their ElectroBrush attachment is designed for thicker or high piled carpets where you need extra power to pull embedded dirt up from the fibers. The brush roll is electrically powered which is much different from their air powered Turbine attachment. It won’t bog down or stop during use, but rather will work as good or better than an upright while still giving you the flexibility of a canister. The long bristles loosen dirt and dust particles so they can be pulled up by the Vortex motor while simultaneously raising and straightening the loops and fibers. The end result is a nicer, newer looking carpet.

You also get 5 different height adjustments to choose from which is nice for when you have to use it on area rugs that can move around. Simply put it on a higher height with the area rug suction setting. Miele put a lot of thought into quick adjustments between different floor types and this really becomes evident when vacuuming with the ElectroBrush.

Other Features

  • AirClean Filtration is made up of 3 different components working together to remove 99.97% of the smallest allergens from the air. The 3D dustbag, pre motor filter, and HEPA exhaust filter make sure the air quality is exceptionally high.
  • Comfort Handle with Controls has an ergonomical design to let you use it for extended periods of time with almost no tiring. Integrated controls let you change suction power without removing your hand from the handle.
  • Compact Storage System has a Park option on both sides to allow you to save space during storage. It will fit in a much tighter space than other vacuums in its’ class.
  • Thermal Protection against overheating during long cleaning sessions. Should there be an air blockage somewhere inside, the motor will automatically shut off until the cause is fixed and it has cooled down.
  • Fully Sealed means no dirt can escape back into your home, even when the bag is being replaced. The floor heads seal tight against the surface to maximize suction power.
  • Rotary Power Dial with 6 different settings lets you dial the power way down for smooth floors and then back up for carpeting. Miele takes the guesswork out so you can focus on vacuuming.
  • German Quality is evident throughout their lineup as every Miele model is put through the equivalent of 20 years of use. You pay a little more for the vacuum cleaner but you can expect many years of solid cleaning performance.
  • On-board VarioClip holds the dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle securely on top until they are needed.

Ideal For Pets

The C2 Electro Plus canister is a great choice for households with pets, especially those with carpets or a variety of floor types. As mentioned above the ElectroBrush can pull hair and dander up from the carpet fibers and the AirClean HEPA filter will trap it inside. The dust bags seal quickly upon removal so nothing can escape back into your home. Plus you get 3 attachments (with the option to buy many others) for all of the ‘above the floor’ surfaces like furniture, bedding, and curtains. These are the qualities you want if you have one or more pets living in your home, and the Miele hits on all of them.

If you are looking for a canister vacuum cleaner, have multiple types of floors including carpets, and like the idea of very compact storage then the C2 Electro Powerline has to be at the top of your list. It has excellent power and HEPA filtration, has various settings, and comes with a lot of comfort features that you will really appreciate. The only knock against it is the small size of the dust bag but it holds a decent amount of dirt, and once you see how little space it takes up you will be willing to make that tradeoff. It’s lightweight too so you can carry it up and down stairs with little trouble. This is a 5 star vacuum and one of the best in their lineup. To read more about it including consumer reviews, click here to visit our recommended online supplier.