Miele Blizzard CX1 – Full Sized Bagless Canister Vacuums

The Blizzard CX1 is a bagless canister vacuum lineup that consists of 5 different models. Miele has always been known as a company that builds high-end bagged vacuums with supreme filtration that is almost unmatched in the industry. They have many vacuums in the upright, canister, stick, and even robotic categories so the Blizzard slides into an already robust offering of canisters. This really makes sense because many homeowners don’t want the extra expense of bags so there is a need for developing bagless models but they had to perform as good as their bagged counterparts. Did Miele succeed with this?

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  1. CX1 PureSuction PowerLine
  2. CX1 TurboTeam PowerLine
  3. CX1 Electro+ PowerLine
  4. CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine
  5. CX1 HomeCare PowerLine


One thing Miele would definitely have to get right is the filtration which would be a challenge because it works much different than their bagged vacuum cleaners. To do this they developed their Vortex Mono Cyclone™ Technology which forces the air through one large cylone at a high rate of speed (over 60 mph). This promotes high performance cleaning by keeping the dirt from gathering inside, which also keeps the suction strong. Working in conjunction with their multi-stage filtration system, it traps even the smallest of dust particles from the air as it passes through. They incorporated what they call their Gore CleanStream™ fine dust filter to make sure these small allergens are trapped before they can even reach the collection bin.

Their bagged models have bags that quickly seal up when removed so the dirt cannot escape. However, many bagless vacuums have the problem of allowing some of the fine dust to go into the air when the machine is emptied. Miele solves this on the CX1 by using what they call their Hygienic Emptying. There are two different containers inside the bin that each collect what the vacuum picks up. A simple push of a button opens the bottom so everything goes straight down into the trash. The dust will make no direct contact with your skin which is especially important for those with allergies.

There are 5 different Blizzard bagless models to choose from, each one serving a different purpose. Whether you have multiple pets in your home with thick carpets or just want a vacuum for your hardwood floors, there is a CX1 that has the features you need. Here is a comparison of each model:

Blizzard CX1 PureSuction PowerLine Canister Vacuum

The CX1 PureSuction Powerline is their lowest priced model and is designed mainly for hard floors and low pile carpets. It comes with all of the baseline features including their powerful 1200 watt motor with Vortex technology. Like mentioned above the air flows through at approximately 62 miles per hour to guarantee that no fine dust can collect along the pathways. The coarse soiling will end up in the transparent dirt collection bin while the tiny dust particles go into a separate container with a fine dust filter.

The AllTeQ™ floorhead is one of the best options for hard floors like tile, laminate, linoleum, and wood as well as lower pile carpeting. It comes with a retractable bristle strip and foot switch for turning the brushes on and off. The wider suction profile means you will pick up a good amount of dirt on each pass as well. While it won’t deep clean carpets it will do a great job on lower pile rugs.

Their Parquet Twister attachment is perfect for hard flooring as well. It has soft brushes that glide over the surface without leaving any scratches. It is a massive 16 inches wide so you can cover quite a bit of ground, and it also will twist around objects via the double swivel neck with almost no effort. The brushes are designed to grab the tiny dust and dirt particles from down within cracks and crevices so the powerful Vortex motor and pull them right up.

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Another nice feature is their maintenance free Hygiene lifetime filter that traps 99.98 percent of microscopic particles that can pass through lower quality filters. Miele is known for filtration and this rating is among the best in the bagless vacuum category. And the fact that it is made to last as long as the machine is a huge bonus (and cost saver as well).

Where does the PureSuction really shine?

  • Cleaning hard floors like tile, laminate, linoleum, and hardwood (even really delicate surfaces)
  • Vacuuming low pile carpets and area rugs that don’t require deep cleaning via strong brush rolls
  • Above the floor surfaces like upholstery, bedding, and corners where cobwebs tend to collect


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Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam PowerLine Bagless

The Miele Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam PowerLine comes fully equipped to handle all the surfaces that the PureSuction can plus a little more. It comes with the Turbo floor brush that is great for removing stubborn pet hair from all types of low to medium pile carpets. This actually covers the vast majority of carpeting that is installed in homes today, since most people do not opt for thick or plush like they used to. It is powered strictly by the air so it won’t deep clean thicker rugs like their more powerful Electrobrushes (more on those below), but that isn’t what it was built to do.

One thing you will notice on the TurboTeam (and really all of the other Blizzard vacuums as well) is how quiet it is to operate. Even under the full power setting the motor doesn’t sound like a jet engine taking off, like some of the competition. I’m not sure how they do it but Miele knows how to insulate and sound dampen all around the Vortex motor. It’s nice being able to listen to headphones while vacuuming your floors, so if this is something you like to do then you will definitely appreciate the technology that keeps them so quiet.

The Blizzard CX1 is designed to separate out the fine dust from the heavier dirt which prevents an obnoxious dust cloud from appearing when emptying the bin into the garbage. This is something that plagues almost all bagless vacuum cleaners from other brands but Miele has figured out how to solve this issue. The ease with which the dirt compartment can be emptied also cannot be understated and you will find that over time the dust collector stays much cleaner than with other bag-free models. It self-cleans itself somehow which means less rinsing of the housing for you.

What does the TurboTeam do exceptionally well?

  • Clean hard flooring surfaces via the Parquet twister with soft brushes
  • Vacuum low to medium pile carpets with the Turbo brush
  • All of the above floor surfaces that the PureSuction can do, via the included onboard tools


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Miele Blizzard CX1 Electro+ PowerLine

With the Blizzard Electro+ PowerLine we are starting to get into their electrobrush powered bagless vacuums that can really handle all types of carpeting. While the models mentioned above can handle hard floors as well as low to medium pile carpets, this PowerLine vacuum comes with their Electro Plus attachment. This is separately powered (not via the suction) so it has quite a bit more power spinning the brushes. It’s designed to deep clean thicker carpets as good as any upright vacuum could while still giving you the advantages of using a canister vacuum cleaner.

Any bagless model that is built for high pile carpets must have a great filtration system. Dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens love to hide deep down in the fibers of thick carpeting so you need the right machine to pull them up and trap them inside. The Blizzard Electro+ PowerLine comes with Miele’s HEPA AirClean™ which is a lifetime filter rated to trap upwards of 99.999% of the smallest fine dust particles as the air moves over it. These filters trap these particles inside so what comes out of the vacuum is much cleaner and healthier to breathe.

Other highlights include the Parquet Twister Floorhead (SBB 300-3) which works great on the most delicate of hard floor surfaces. It also swivels and rotates so you can easily make your way around your home. With the CX1 Electro+ you also get their standard onboard tools for cleaning a variety of items. These include an integrated dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice cleaning attachment. Pretty standard attachments here but they are high quality so you won’t find yourself replacing them from typical use.

What is the Electro Plus PowerLine engineered for?

  • Vacuuming all type of floors in your home including low, medium, and high pile carpets
  • Removing dust and dirt from your smooth floors with the ease of use you can expect from a Miele canister
  • Trapping virtually all allergens inside the vacuum which greatly improves the indoor air quality


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Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine

If you have pets in your home then you need just a little bit more from your vacuum cleaner, and this is precisely what the Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog was built for. It’s another canister that comes with their Electrobrush which is powered separately like any upright vacuum’s brushroll. By doing this they can really agitate embedded dirt from carpets leaving almost nothing behind. It is also a bigger and heavier attachment so the brushes can push down into the fibers.

The thing that sets this model apart from their standard Electro+ mentioned above is the Handheld Mini Turbo Brush (STB 101). This tool is one of the best in the business at pulling up stubborn pet hair from all surfaces. Whether your cat likes to sleep on your couch or your dogs like to nap on the bed, you can pull out the PowerLine with this Turbo brush and clean all the hair up. It has a wide 6 inch suction aperture along with a compact design so it fits underneath furniture as well. While the brushes are powered by the air instead of a different power source, they are so small that the powerful Vortex motor spins them at a high rate of speed. It’s also compatible with all Miele canister vacuums!

Another great feature of all of these Blizzard vacuum cleaners is they have overheating protection. A temperature limiter is installed to detect whenever the air passage becomes blocked. Any blockage can cause the motor to really work hard, leading to overheating and potential failure. This limiter will shut the motor off to protect against that and keep it off until completely cooled. Your investment is protected against catastrophic failure.

Who is the Cat and Dog perfect for?

  • People who have any type of floor: hardwood, tile, linoleum, as well as any carpet
  • Homes with one or more pets that shed as the HEPA filtration and mini turbo tool will eliminate all hair and animal dander
  • Any family with one or more members that suffer from asthma or allergies, the Blizzard removes 99.99% of tiny allergens


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Miele Blizzard CX1 HomeCare PowerLine

The top of the line CX1 HomeCare PowerLine has everything any home would need to clean all surfaces. From the powerful 1200 watt Vortex motor to their HEPA AirClean™ lifetime filter the dust and dirt particles will stand no chance. The first thing that really sets this Blizzard apart from the other vacuums in this lineup is the height adjustable Electrobrush. This is a slightly upgraded powered attachment that is perfect for those high traffic areas and deep carpets. It has extreme power for pulling debris up from all pile carpets and the large LED lights in the front will illuminate your cleaning path. This is their best carpet attachment hands down!

Another unique tool that comes with the HomeCare is the adjustable universal brush (SUB 20). This has two adjustable swivel joints for maneuvering into tight spaces. You can attach it to the extension wand, the handle, or directly to the suction hose. It also has soft protective strips so you won’t damage your expensive furniture or bedding. Plus the soft natural bristles will be easy on your hardwoods or laminates. And of course this works with other Miele vacuums too.

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Other accessories included with the HomeCare PowerLine are the dusting brush, upholstery tool, extended flexible crevice tool, and the Parquet Twister XL Floorhead (SBB 400-3). The XL version of the Twister is 16 inches wide to let you clean larger areas in the shortest amount of time. They claim you will save 25% of your time by using the XL versus the standard attachment.

Who would be interested in the HomeCare model?

  • Any homeowner with carpets or a large variety of floor types
  • The electrobrush is their best carpet attachment and the extra large Parquet twister saves time on hard floors
  • Any family members with asthma or allergies as the HomeCare PowerLine is rated to eliminate 99.99% of microscopic allergens like dust mites


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