Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners For Allergies

Indoor allergens are prevalent in the modern household. Microscopic organisms like dust mites and pet dander hide deep down in your carpets, occasionally stirring up into the air and right into your body. This isn’t a particularly pleasant experience, especially for those with allergies. A typical allergic reaction could include difficulty breathing, sneezing, coughing, red and itchy eyes, or even a skin rash. As you can imagine removing these microscopic organisms from your home is a must for improving the overall air quality for all family members.

Since housekeeping is very important one of the first lines of defense is a high quality vacuum cleaner. However, there are so many different choices which complicates your buying decision. It can be hard finding the best one for your household. This is where we can help! We will review our top rated vacuums from each category and tell you exactly what we like about it and what we don’t. We’ll also help you compare pricing and shipping options so you can have it shipped right to your door.

If you already have a good idea what category of vacuum you’re looking for then use these quick links to jump right to that section of this page:

  1. Best Bagless Upright For Allergies
  2. Best Bagged Upright For Allergy Sufferers
  3. Best Canister For Removing Allergens
  4. Best Cordless Vacuum For Allergies
  5. Best Allergy Vacuum Cleaner For Under $200

Before we dive into our reviews there are a few qualities that are important for anyone looking to buy.

Important Features

  • A HEPA filter and motor pre-filter – HEPA filters are very important for removing microscopic allergens down to the size of 0.3 microns (or preferably smaller). The result is cleaner air being expelled back into the room.
  • A motorized head – Spinning brushes are also important to help stir up embedded dirt from the carpet’s fibers so it can be pulled up into the collection chamber. No matter how powerful the vacuum is it won’t have much success without a powered brush roll.
  • Bagged or no touch bagless design – Dust bags are usually better for allergies but if the machine is bagless then it needs to have a hygienic empty bin. This results in no touching of dust when emptying.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating what to look for when comparing vacuums for asthma and allergy sufferers:

Our Best Rated Bagless Upright Vacuum For Removing Allergens

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal takes the cake as our highest recommended bagless upright vacuum cleaner. In fact, it is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the AAFA (see the AAFA certification program to learn more about what this means). Basically, it was put through an independent program of rigorous testing where it met and exceeded their criteria making it one of the best vacuum choices available today.

Their Cinetic™ technology oscillates at a robust speed of 5,000 Hz which does a couple of things. First, it completely separates dust from the air to prevent any build up which is a major reason why other cleaners clog. And second, the result of this is you no longer have to wash or replace any filters. It is so efficient that dirt simply cannot gather on the filters inside.

The ‘Big Ball’ is a polycarbonate sphere that not only houses the important internal components but also helps it steer almost effortlessly. As you turn the Animal it’s axis is tilted which lowers the steering radius. This allows you to move it around any item in your home in one easy motion, something not possible with standard wheels.

The instant release wand works great on stairs as you can release the wand with attachment from the main body so the stretch hose can extend. It can reach up a standard sized flight of stairs, meaning you can easily remove those dust mites and mold spores from the carpets on your stairs without having to carry a heavy machine up.

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Other features include airtight (sealed) HEPA filtration, a low center of gravity, and such attachments as a soft dusting brush, multi angle brush, a reach under tool, a mattress attachment, and a spinning turbine tool with a no tangle design. And since it is bagless it comes with a one push hygienic empty bin so you won’t be contacting anything that comes out of it. Very important for any bagless machine that you don’t have to contact the dirt as it goes into the garbage.

What qualities of the Cinetic Big Ball do we like most?

  • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly
  • No replacement bags or filters to buy for the life of the machine
  • Ball™ technology sets the standard for steering a large vacuum
  • Release wand can extend all the way up a flight of stairs
  • Tons of power for even the thickest of carpets, dog and cat dander cannot escape it
  • Dyson 5 year warranty has you covered

And what don’t we like about it?

  • It’s a little on the heavy side but the steering does mitigate this
  • No retractable electric cord means you will be winding it up when done
  • All plastic construction looks cheap to some people


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Best Bagged Upright For Allergies

The SEBO Automatic X5 is our highest recommended bagged upright for those with asthma or indoor allergies. SEBO markets their vacuums as the worlds best for pets which also means they are great for removing allergens. Their X5 is a commercial grade model, designed and built in Germany just like the other popular brand Miele. SEBO filters are actually recommended by the British Allergy Foundation because of their ability to remove allergens via a tightly designed system. The air has virtually no place to go except through these filters so the end result is much cleaner air that comes back out.

The internal components are solidly built of aluminum and metal, with steel axles and bearings to withstand the rigors of many hours of cleaning. SEBO users invest once in a vacuum and not again for decades. As a matter of fact, multiple lower priced or “disposable” vacuums would be bought during the typical lifespan of the Automatic X5. The company stands behind it with a 7 year warranty on the high-end motor and a 5 year warranty on other non wearing parts.

The 3 step filtration system consists of multi-layer bags, S-class pre-motor micro filters, and exhaust filters which all work in unison to filter out 99.9% of those tiny allergic reaction causing organisms. This is what they call “hospital grade”, or just as good as what you would expect in a medical center.

The bag design is such that their replacement bags can be changed in just a couple of seconds, with full sealing upon removal via a cap on the end. The standard attachments are included and their Pet model comes with a hand held Turbo brush with stretch hose. You can also use it fully flat, at around 5.5 inches of height which is almost unheard of with upright models. This is a big advantage for reaching under beds as you can actually vacuum under without removing the heavy mattresses.

The X5 features a 15 inch path which is larger than the 12 inches found on their other popular model, the X4. The larger path lets you clean your carpets with fewer passes which is a time saver, especially if your rooms are on the larger size. Rubber wheels and bumpers around the edges help protect your delicate hard floors and walls from damage which is another nice feature. You pay a lot of money for a SEBO but the quality of construction and attention to small details like this is what really sets them apart from cheaper brands.

What qualities of the SEBO X5 do we like the most?

  • Very high quality of construction, which is apparent the first time you start vacuuming with it
  • Filtration system is second to none which is very important for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Can vacuum with it almost flat (5.5 inch profile), letting you reach under many furniture items in your home
  • Tons of suction power for pulling dust mites up from your carpet fibers
  • Lifetime belt warranty

What things do we not like as much?

  • The price is on the high side but this is an investment that will last for a decade or more
  • Some of the more advanced attachments are extra


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Best Rated Canister Vacuum For Asthma And Allergy Sufferers

Our top canister choice is the Miele C3 Complete as it has enough power for whole household cleaning on a regular basis. This is important because a lot of canisters really only can handle lower piled carpets or hard floors, but to be recommended for those with allergies it has to be able to handle medium to high pile rugs as well.

Built in Germany, Miele’s lineup is constructed of heavy duty components and put through rigorous testing to make sure it will last for much longer than other less expensive vacuum cleaners (upwards of 20 years). The main feature is their Electro Plus powered brush that can pull embedded dirt out of any carpeting. It has five level height adjustments and an independent motor to spin the brush roll, keeping it from bogging down under a heavy load.

The Complete lineup consists of several canister cleaners including the SoftCarpet, Cat and Dog, HomeCare, and Brilliant models. Not all of the C3 vacuums come with the ElectroBrush attachment but most of them do. If you have medium to high pile carpets then make sure to pick one that has this attachment (like the SoftCarpet) as it is designed for deep cleaning even the plushest of carpeting.

Their multi-stage HEPA filtration system is where the C3 really shines. Dubbed AirClean, it consists of a HyClean dustbag, motor protection filter, and exhaust filter. They work together to remove more than 99.9% of fine dust from the air making it an excellent choice for family members who have indoor allergies.

The C3 Complete canister vacuum lineup also carries the Good Housekeeping Seal which is another level of consumer warranty, only offered to products that are worthy of such. Miele constructs these machines to such high standards that this extra protection is not surprising, but rarely is it even needed.

Another unique feature is the Parquet Twister which provides 180 degrees of rotation on a variety of smooth surfaces. You also get such standard integrated accessories as a dusting brush, crevice nozzle, and upholstery attachment. This gives you what you need to tackle those other ‘above floor’ surfaces.

What things do we feel are the biggest pros of the C3?

  • Several models and configurations to choose from
  • Built to the highest quality standards
  • Electrobrush deep cleans carpets to really pull up any allergens (like dust mites) that are hiding there
  • Filtration is rated as hospital grade which is important for those with asthma or allergies
  • Park it in upright position for stability and storage
  • Automatic cord rewind is a really nice feature, especially once you try it the first time

And what are some of the cons?

  • Hose could be a little longer for even more reach
  • Some of the attachments make the machine heavy and harder to move around, but not tremendously


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Best Cordless Vacuum – Rated For Those With Allergies

The Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean is our best recommended cordless vacuum for those allergy sufferers and their families. And not only is it good for those with allergies it really is one of the top vacuums available today. It has a long list of innovative features to go with the high quality filtration system that helps it make our list here. Shark is known for innovation throughout their entire lineup but the IONFlex 2X stands above the others.

The filters and system are sealed with what they call their Anti-Allergen seal. Basically this means that nothing can escape once inside, not even those tiny allergens that can cause so many problems in the home. The foam filters are also washable so you can keep them clean and free-flowing as often as you like. It’s nice not having to purchase expensive replacements but most brands are going this route nowadays. As long as you wash the filters regularly they will effectively do their job.

The DuoClean head is another feature that helps it make our list here. It is designed for use on both carpets and hard floors, with the soft brush roll attracting fine dust particles so they aren’t blown around by the suction power. And for carpets you have the bristle brushroll that agitates embedded particles so they can be pulled up by the powerful motor. The DuoClean works well on both carpeting and hard surfaces without any modifications to the machine.

The lithium ion battery pack is rated to last as much as 35 minutes of normal run time but in reality the time is almost unlimited. That’s because with the 2X you get 2 removable batteries, allowing you to charge one while using the other. Once the IONFlex starts to lose power you can simply swap them out. This is the feature that sets it apart from the main competition, the Dyson V series, as their battery is not removable. You are stuck waiting once you run out of juice on the Dyson but that is NOT the case here. Kudos to Shark for getting this right!

You can use the Shark IONFlex in handheld mode as well. This is very convenient and saves you money from purchasing a second hand vac for your portable cleaning needs. This feature alone makes it not only our recommended cordless option but also our top rated handheld vacuum for allergies. This presents a lot of value for the initial investment you will make in it.

What is their MultiFLEX™ technology all about? Simply put it allows the vacuum to bend so it fits underneath furniture, tables, beds, or other larger objects in your home while still vacuuming in full power mode. And where do most dust mites hide out? Beneath items like these that are difficult to clean under. You have to really see this feature to believe it so here is a quick video demonstrating how this works:

What are the best qualities of the IONFlex 2X?

  • Picks up a tremendous amount of dirt and animal hair on carpets which is a big help for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • 2 REMOVABLE lithium ion batteries means 1 can always be charging while the other is in use
  • Convert to handheld mode for reaching tight spaces which saves you from having to buy a second hand vacuum
  • Very quiet during operation, especially when compared to other powerful cordless vacuums
  • MultiFLEX mode is a tremendous time saver

What qualities could use some improvement?

  • Extra accessories can be pricey
  • Included charging dock seems like a waste since you can just remove the battery and plug it in, or even charge it while in the vacuum


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The Best Allergy Vacuum For Under $200

When we can, we like to recommend a lower priced vacuum cleaner that can still provide a lot of value for the cost. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is an affordable upright that still possesses several qualities that are needed for the modern household, but especially those with family members who suffer from indoor allergies.

Like stated many times above it all starts with high quality filtration. The Navigator Lift-Away has Shark’s Anti-Allergen seal with a HEPA filter that captures 99.9% of microscopic dust particles as they pass through. The result is the air that comes out is virtually free from allergens. The system is fully sealed as well so everything that is trapped stays there. This is very important since many vacuums do a good job of capturing these tiny particles but not such a good job of keeping them. The Navigator does both perfectly.

The Lift Away feature is unique in that you can remove the canister body and attach it to the floor wand. This makes it a portable yet fully functioning vacuum that can fit into just about any space around your home. It works well on stairs and under furniture as well since you no longer are moving around a full sized upright. The places that are havens for allergens are no longer difficult to reach, thanks to the ingenuity of Shark.

Their Hard Floor Hero™ attachment works perfect on hard floors like laminate, hardwood, tile, and linoleum. The combination of powerful suction and design of the floor head picks up all surface debris without blowing it around. It can handle tiny dirt particles and stuck on messes leaving nothing behind. A highly rated vacuum has to be able to clean multiple surfaces in today’s world and the Navigator definitely accomplishes that.

Other features include a brushroll shutoff, dusting brush, crevice tool, and a pet power brush. This attachment is perfect for stubborn pet hair that seems to stick to every fabric. Finding a complete model in this price range is not common but the Shark Navigator isn’t your typical machine. It packs a lot of value into the relatively lightweight frame.

What are its’ best features?

  • The lift-away option is unmatched by other brands and works great on hard to reach places
  • Powerful suction for a relatively lightweight upright (under 15 pounds)
  • Low price when compared to the competition
  • Fully sealed HEPA filtration system removes virtually all allergens from the air
  • Quality attachments are included with the Navigator

And the features that could be improved on?

  • Bright LED lights would be great to illuminate the cleaning path
  • No stable when using the wand and attachments so care is needed to not tip it over


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