Hoover Sprint QuickVac Vacuum

The Sprint QuickVac is one of Hoover’s most compact and lightweight vacuums, designed for tighter spaces that don’t offer a lot of room for turning. Even though it is one of their lighter cleaners it still boasts a good deal of suction power including their multi-cyclonic technology that separates the finest dust particles from the air before they come into contact with the filter. This not only keeps performance high but it also saves on maintenance as you are rinsing and replacing the filters less often.

It’s designed to handle multiples types of flooring including carpets and smooth surfaces like tile, linoleum, and hardwood. However, it really doesn’t have the size and power to deep clean thick or high piled carpeting so if that describes a good portion of your home then you should look for something bigger. The various floors coincide with 3 different nozzle height settings, to position the head at the right distance from the surface. This isn’t quite the adjustability of higher end vacuums but it does an adequate job when you transition from one room to the next.

Main Features

  • Multi Cyclonic Power – as mentioned above the Hoover Sprint QuickVac is designed to powerfully remove dirt and dust particles from the air to save on filter maintenance
  • Extra Cleaning Reach – removable handle/wand, stretch hose, and 23 foot cord work together to let you vacuum many hard to reach places like curtains and stairs
  • HEPA Filtration – rinsable HEPA filter that is rated to trap 99.97% of those tiny allergens like dust mites and pet dander down to 0.3 microns in size
  • 3 Different Height Adjustments – vacuuming any surface is easy by adjusting the height of the head and brush roll via an easy to reach dial
  • Optimal Performance Indicator – green light lets you know when the vacuum cleaner is providing optimal performance
  • 2 in 1 Dusting Brush and Crevice Tool – uniquely designed attachment lets you get down into corners and crevices with ease
  • Ultra Lightweight Design – weighing around 12 pounds, you can easily carry the QuickVac up and down stairs

What The QuickVac Does Well

The Sprint is built for smaller spaces, that is quite obvious from looking at it. As far as upright vacuums are concerned it is definitely on the small size. Apartment owners and even those with single story homes will find it easy to move around, and even easier to store when cleaning time is finished. The suction is surprising for such a lightweight machine and it will pick up quite a bit of pet hair. This little Hoover even comes with their multi cyclonic HEPA filtration which is designed to remove microscopic dust particles from the air before it moves back into your home. This is important for allergy and asthma sufferers and isn’t a feature typically found on lower priced cleaners.

It is also equipped to handle a variety of floor types, but especially smooth floors and low piled carpets. The different floor settings make sure the spinning brushes won’t scuff up your laminate or hardwood floors as you transition from room to room. However, there are some types of carpets where it will struggles which is a good segway into the areas that it will struggle with.

And Where It Struggles

Since the QuickVac is so light it won’t push the brushes down into the deep fibers of your carpet which can be a problem with thicker rugs or those classified as ‘high pile’. If you have any carpeting like this then you will need something with more power and especially more weight like their Windtunnel or even a different brand. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because this model wasn’t designed for that at all. It does an adequate job with thicker carpeting but nothing really special, and if you have a home that you want to keep clean you will want something more for those types of flooring.

Also, since the vacuum is on the smaller side of upright models the dirt collection canister doesn’t hold a lot. You will find yourself emptying it after a large room so if you have a lot of square footage to clean then you should opt for something bigger. Just something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

The Hoover Sprint QuickVac is a compact and lightweight bagless upright cleaner that comes equipped with most of the features you would be used to using. These include an adjustable floor setting, extension hose and wand, a couple of cleaning attachments, and a rinsable HEPA filter. It has good suction power and a very low purchase price, making it an ideal choice for many homes. Just keep in mind that it wasn’t designed for large houses with a lot of carpets but Hoover understands the today’s household typically has a variety of floors to clean on a regular basis. It takes more than the standard vacuum to keep up with the dirt, which is why their lineup is so diverse. You can find a machine for just about any type of application. To read more about the Sprint QuickVac and compare current prices click here to visit our recommended online supplier.