Hoover PowerDrive – Purpose Built Pet Vacuum

The Hoover PowerDrive is a full sized upright vacuum that is built for picking up pet hair in carpets. Even though it is bagless it comes with a fully sealed HEPA filtration system that traps and contains 99.9% of allergens down to 0.5 microns in size. This is especially important for homes with multiple pets as they tend to shed often and leave dander all over the floors. Not only do you need powerful suction (which we will cover below) but you also need to be able to keep whatever microscopic organisms you pick up safely inside the vacuum cleaner. Hoover has always been known for doing just that.

What Features Are Important For A Pet Vacuum?

Pet owners have certain requirements that are a must for any new cleaner they are considering buying. The first is high quality filtration (preferably HEPA) that is rated to remove virtually all allergens like dust mites. This was mentioned above so you know the PowerDrive has you covered there. Another almost equally important feature is specialized attachments. Again, this Hoover model comes with their “Multipurpose Pet Tools” that are designed to remove stubborn dirt and pet hair from a variety of surfaces so you can breathe easier while inside. Their Turbo tool has spinning brushes for pulling hair off your furniture, bedding, or area rugs. It basically will pick up where the main brush roll leaves off, tackling the surfaces that are not easy to get to.

More On Their Windtunnel Technology

Suction power is very important in a vacuum cleaner. Bagless machines are sometimes prone to clogging inside as the dust and dirt particles make their way through the pathways. Some of the more innovative companies like Hoover and Dyson have solved this in quite similar ways. Called Windtunnel™, the Hoover line of vacuums have multiple air channels at the head to lift and remove deeply embedded dust and hair from all types of carpets. And the air passes through multiple cyclones once it gets inside to help separate the tiny particles from the air before they can settle on anything. This virtually eliminates clogging to give you a continuous cleaning experience as you move from room to room, with no loss of suction.

Swivel Steering Helps With A Full Sized Upright

Full sized upright vacuums are great at cleaning medium to large homes with carpets throughout. They typically have the suction power to remove dirt and the weight to really push the spinning brushes down into the carpet fibers to agitate anything hiding there. The one downside to this design is they can be cumbersome to move around the various items in the typical house.

Hoover solved this by adding what they call “Swivel Steering” to the PowerDrive model. The area where the main body meets the cleaning head contains a pivot point, allowing you to rotate it to steer around furniture, tables, and anything else in the cleaning path. When you feel how the vacuum reacts to this you will be amazed at how much lighter it feels. The PowerDrive is not a heavy machine by any means (weighing around 16 pounds) but this feature really helps it feel light and nimble during use.

Hoover Tested for Paws and Claws

The PowerDrive is one of the vacuums in Hoover’s lineup that is specially rated and tested for their Paws and Claws™ program. What does this mean? Basically it meets their higher standards for specifically removing pet hair from not only different floors but also surfaces above. Hair can be difficult to vacuum up as it can tangle and stick to just about anything. A cleaner that is designed for this job is a must for any home with pets living there. You need good filtration and the right design for ridding your home of dander and animal odors. That is what the Paws and Claws is all about.

What Other Features Stand Out?

  • Advanced Action Brush Roll is designed to agitate deeply embedded dirt particles from thick carpeting so the powerful suction can pull it up. The design also reduces hair wrap and tangling around the brushes.
  • Quick Release Cleaning Wand provides 13 feet of reach from the base of the hose to the end of the attachment. You can reach many things from the floor to the ceiling with constant suction power.
  • High Intensity LED Headlights help solve the problem that plagues most upright vacuums today. It can be hard to see in front of the cleaner as you are using it, especially in corners or away from lights. Hoover added high powered LED lights to the front which do a great job illuminating everything in its’ path.
  • Extra Large Capacity Dirt Cup holds 1.5 liters of dirt and dust which means fewer trips to the garbage can during vacuuming sessions. A large cup like this is a big advantage for mid to large sized homes as you can typically do all the rooms without stopping.
  • Multi-Floor Cleaning means you can turn the brush roll ON for deep cleaning your carpets and OFF to prevent scattering of debris on hard floor. Plus you don’t want any spinning brushes to scuff or damage your delicate hard floors either.

Final Verdict – Pros and Cons

What are pros of the PowerDrive Pet vacuum?

  • Solid suction power for a bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Fully sealed HEPA filtration
  • 5 year motor warranty means Hoover stands behind it
  • Low price when compared to other full sized pet vacuums
  • Swivel steering works great in tight spaces
  • Pet attachments and long reach wand work wonders

And any negatives of this machine?

  • No auto cord rewind, just seems like all modern cleaners should have this feature
  • No self propelled option
  • Air powered mini turbo brush can get tangled with hair so it requires frequent cleaning


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