Hand Vacuums For Small Jobs

The handheld vacuum cleaner is a great choice smaller jobs including quick pickups of dirt or spilled food. These little mini-vacs as they are sometimes called are compact, lightweight, and easy to use making them an ideal solution to a very typical problem. The majority of them are cordless so you can easily move around the home or take them outside for a quick cleanup of the car or minivan. With this type of versatility, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Before we dive into the best brands let’s take a look at the qualities you would be looking for in one of these little vacuum cleaners:

  • Cordless Design – While you can find corded models that work well, it really takes away from the convenience advantage so any hand vac on our list will be of the non-corded variety.
  • Constant Suction Power – You certainly don’t need maximum power but you do want a constant suction that does not fade while the battery is draining. Today’s batteries are technologically designed to keep power up until they are drained.
  • Battery Life – Since we recommend going cordless when choosing, it makes sense to find one with a battery that will last long enough to clean up everything you need to.
  • Lower Weight – A handheld vacuum will be carried around quite a bit so you need to find a light machine. Fortunately, the majority built today are constructed using lightweight material.
  • Tank Capacity – When all things are equal between two different vacuums then take the one with the higher capacity dirt collection chamber. You will be emptying it less often, resulting in time savings each time you use it.

Our 5 Star Recommended Model

The Dyson V6 lineup has the power of their larger cleaners but in a compact and portable frame.

This portable cleaning machine has a variety of configurations including Car and Boat, Mattress, Trigger, Top Dog, and Baby/Child. While the base offering is the same, each of these specialty vacuums comes with certain attachments fit for the specific job. For instance, the Mattress model comes with a unique motorized tool that stirs up the fibers to suction out any embedded allergens. Another example is the extension hose found on the Car and Boat model, which is perfect for reaching under seats or to the back of the footwells.

No matter which V6 you go with it comes with a powerful digital motor that has more suction than any other hand-held vacuum you will find on the market today. You also get just over 20 minutes of constant power on a full charge with virtually no fade during use. When a battery starts to fade it really renders the machine useless, and that is something the Dyson really shines with. It’s not surprising since they are a company known for power throughout their cleaner lineup.

It also comes in at 3.4 pounds so it is very easy to use for extended periods, even when bending down or over in an awkward position. The dust bin has a respectable capacity of 0.03 gallons, and the one touch emptying system keeps your hands from touching the dirt inside.

It’s easy to see why the Dyson is our best rated model since it checks off everything we look for in this category.

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A Solid 4 Star Handheld

The Bissell Multi is a high performance cordless with enough tools to handle just about any surface in your home.

This is another strong offering with quite a bit of suction power in a lightweight body. It has a unique look to it with the ergonomic soft grip handle across the back, making it very easy to carry and tilt to any angle. This is an important feature in a compact mini-vac since the majority of time you are using it, you will be reaching under something or stretching up high.

The Multi comes with a couple of onboard attachments including a crevice tool and dusting brush, easily attached to the extension hose. This hose can reach out several feet and when combined with the wand you will be able to reach much further than the competition. It also comes with a motorized brush for pulling up dirt or ground in food out of thicker carpets, a feature that any growing family would appreciate.

The lithium ion battery is quite strong and we have found that you will get around 25 minutes of use, mostly fade free. The collection bin is adequately sized as well but does need to be frequently emptied on bigger messes, though this is expected with such a compact machine.

Overall it’s a great choice and the only thing that keeps it a slight notch below the Dyson is the different configurations found on the V6. However, if you only need a typical configuration and want to save some money then the Bissell Multi would be our choice.

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The Best Handheld For Budget Minded Households

The Shark Pet Perfect II is a compact and lightweight mini-vac with the ability to remove small messes and embedded dirt from carpets.

Designed specifically for removing pet hair, this little Shark actually does a good job on just about any small cleaning job. It comes with the typical accessories you would expect like a mini motorized brush for hair removal, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush for smoother surfaces. You also have the option for direct suction, which they claim is ideal for any surface type. Basically it is vacuuming with it without using the spinning brush or other tools.

One thing lacking with this model when compared to the two above is lithium ion batteries. Instead it is outfitted with an 18 volt chargeable battery that is solid but nothing spectacular. The suction is decent but is definitely a step below the Dyson, though it does hold a charge for around 20 minutes.

There really isn’t much else to say about the Pet Perfect II. It has everything you need for those quick pick-ups but it just doesn’t have the power or extra features of the more expensive handhelds. It’s a no frills choice at a bargain cost.

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