Dyson Ball Multifloor 2

The Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 is their all purpose upright vacuum that is equipped for just about any type of floor including carpet, tile, laminate, and more. It has a slimmer design than their other full sized vacuums and it is very lightweight. This makes it easy to use for extended periods, even if you have to carry it up and down the stairs. They seemingly designed this model with a goal of making it easy to maneuver around without sacrificing the power or filtration that has made their brand so popular today. The 2nd iteration of their popular “Multi-floor” has largely succeeded as it is a solid cleaner with a relatively low purchase price, at least as compared to other similar uprights.

One of the features that Dyson is known for is suction power. The Multifloor 2 comes with their Radial Root Cyclone™ technology that forces the air through specially designed channels around the center of the internal assembly. This helps separate the dust from the air so it cannot drop and clog anywhere along the way. The result is maximum suction for an extended period of time which is something that other bagless vacuum cleaners struggle with.

Ball Design Means Unmatched Turning Ability

The ‘Ball’ is a poly-carbonate sphere that has a couple of different functions. First, it holds all of the internal components like the motor and electronics low to the ground to keep the center of gravity lower. It also replaces the standard wheels and allows you to change directions with the flick of your wrist. It turns on a dime, rotating easily in any direction, with almost no effort. When compared to the typical upright vacuum the steering is much lighter and the machine reacts quicker to your input. Here’s a quick video that demonstrates the maneuverability of the Ball as well as the overall performance of this model:

Other Main Features

Floor to ceiling cleaning – The long hose combined with the extension wand give the ability to clean high places like corners, door frames, and ducts. The hose is specially designed to reach far, even up a full flight of stairs while the main vacuum body stays put on the floor. From the under furniture to high ceilings there is no place for dirt to hide.

Self adjusting cleaner head – The head seals to the floor to keep suction strong across multiple types of floors like carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile. This also keeps dirt and dust particles from blowing around as they are instantly pulled up into the vacuum body as the brush travels over top.

Hygienic bin empty system – Empty out the dirt and other debris with the push of a button so you never have to touch it. This is especially important for those who suffer from indoor allergies or asthma as a reaction can quickly be triggered by touching allergens like dust mites and dander. Dyson is one of the best bagless vacuums for fighting allergens.

Certified asthma and allergy friendly – The AAFA certifies that the Dyson Multi-Floor 2 is certified for removing microscopic organisms from your home. This is due to the fully sealed whole machine HEPA filtration that traps even the smallest allergens inside as the air passes through the filters. The result is healthy, clean air throughout your home.

Stair tool and a combination tool – These two attachments can handle a variety of surfaces like stairs, furniture, curtains, and more. Plus you have the option to buy a number of other tools like brushes, mini turbine tools, and even a hard floor tool.

Lifetime washable filters – Simply rinse and let the filter dry before putting it back in the vacuum cleaner. You will save considerable money by no longer buying replacement bags or filters for the life of the machine.

Lightweight and compact design – When compared to the original multifloor upright, this model is slightly more compact and only weighs around 15 pounds total. This makes it easy to carry around your home, even up flights of stairs. There is no sacrifice of power or cleaning ability either, it has the same Dyson performance that their uprights are known for.

5 year warranty – Dyson’s free 5 year warranty will cover any parts and labor should you have a problem. You also get free shipping there and back should you need to ship the cleaner to them for a repair or diagnostic.

Power is what Dyson is known for as a brand, and the Ball Multifloor 2 is a beast of a bagless vacuum. You won’t believe how much dirt you pick up from your carpets the first time you use it, even if you clean them with another brand first. The head seals so tight against the carpet and the Root Cyclone pulls with such force that the embedded dirt has no choice but to come up into the body. Add in the feature of being able to turn the brushroll off for hard floors and you really have a complete cleaning machine. No matter which flooring you are using it on, you will find that it doesn’t struggle at all. The one downside is it doesn’t come with many attachments out of the box, but for the relatively low purchase price you can easily add what you need. Dyson has a large number of dedicated tools for just about anything you can think of, even for cleaning pets. To read more about it and check current pricing, click here to visit our recommended online store.