Is The Bissell Symphony All-In-One The Best Choice?

The ‘All In One’ Symphony is a uniquely designed cleaner from Bissell that makes cleaning your hard floors a lot easier than before. It is currently the only machine that will first vacuum the floor and then steam it at the same time, with no extra effort on your part. It’s a big time saver over the traditional method of using a broom and mop. Plus there are no harsh chemicals to dull the finish of your hardwood or tile, only steam from the water will touch the surface. Bissell isn’t really a company that is known for innovation in the industry but the Symphony is changing that perception for sure.

You can actually use it 3 different ways which make it quite versatile. It can be used as a vacuum alone, a steam cleaner, or like mentioned above it can be used as both at the same time. This is a nice feature since there will be times when you just want to hit the floors for a quick shine, or to remove some grime that is spread on. And likewise you might have a small spill that is much more convenient to power the vacuum through instead of getting a broom out of the closet. Once you get used to the different ways to effectively use it you will appreciate this feature more than others.

Specially Designed Microfiber Mop Pads

The Symphony comes with 4 uniquely designed microfiber mop pads, 2 that are soft and 2 that have a rough surface for scrubbing grime off the floor surface. They are fully washable and easy to replace on the machine. Use the soft pad for basic cleaning when you just want to give a quick cleaning to the room, and put the other pad on to power right through tough stains. The pads last for many wash cycles and can be purchased for replacement as needed for a low price.

One quick note about vacuuming when using these pads. If you plan on doing the vacuum + steaming at the same time you should first vacuum without the pad on if there is a decent amount of debris to pick up. Once the mop pad is put on it will slightly raise the vacuum head from the surface which reduces the suction power a little. You will notice that you have a faster vacuuming experience if you do this first but it isn’t really necessary if there isn’t a lot of dirt. In that case you could do it with the pad right on the machine.

Great Choice For Pet Households

One thing that any pet owner knows is you need to have a gameplan for removing dirt, mud, hair, and other things from all the surfaces in your home. These surfaces can include hard floors and if this is the case then an all in one cleaner like this Bissell makes a lot of sense. You can use the vacuum functionality to pull up any hair or debris and then turn on the steamer to return the surface to like new. Sanitize your home naturally using water and electricity instead of harsh chemicals that might not be safe for your pets.

Other Features

  • Easy Touch Digital Controls let you quickly switch between the different modes without lifting your hand from the adjustable handle
  • Dual Steam Setting (high and low) lets you dial in the machine for the type of mess and floor you are using it on
  • Quick Release Pad Tray makes it an easy process to swap out the mop pads
  • Removes 99.9% Germs and Bacteria when used with steam on bare floors, using only water
  • 11 Inch Path provides ample coverage for large rooms so you can make less passes than smaller vacuums would require

Is Steam Cleaning Safe For Hardwood Floors?

This is probably one of the first questions you would ask if you have hardwood floors in your home. It is safe for use on hardwoods as long as they are sealed and have a well maintained sealant finish on them. The good thing about the Symphony is you can control how much water moisture you are applying during use. Bissell recommends using the ‘Lo’ setting for sealed hardwood flooring, and the only time steam will come out is when you are pressing on the trigger. This really gives you a lot of control over how much you are applying at any time. Here is a quick video talking further about this process:

Can It Be Used On Carpets?

The short answer is yes it can…but with one caveat: You can buy a carpet glider attachment that lets you use the Symphony to lightly vacuum and freshen up your carpets on a regular basis. This machine isn’t meant to be a replacement for a large vacuum that pulls embedded dirt out of your thicker carpets. The Symphony just doesn’t have the size and power for this but that is not what it was built for. This attachment lets remove surface stains and dirt but that is really it.

Our Final Verdict…Is It The Best Choice?

The Bissell Symphony is a really versatile, do it all cleaner that works great on all types of smooth or bare floors. If you have multiple rooms with tile, hardwood, or linoleum then it is one of our top recommendations for returning the shine to them. This is especially true for households that are busy, with children and/or pets running tracking dirt around them. The dual vacuuming/steaming capability will save a lot of time and is the biggest advantage that it has over other brands. And you won’t have to purchase cleaning solution or other chemical products, just add water. It’s a really great design.

If you are wondering where to buy or want to read consumer reviews for it, click here to visit our recommended online supplier. You can check current prices and shipping options.