Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Mop

The Bissell SpinWave is a fully powered mop that gets your hard floors like tile, sealed wood, and laminate clean without needing to scrub. The biggest concern homeowners have with smooth flooring is keeping it clean without damaging the surface at all. There are a lot of quality cleaners for doing this but the SpinWave stands above them in a few key areas. Saving time and energy is important for those living in a busy household and that is what this model was designed to do.

Before there were machines like the SpinWave if you wanted to get your floors looking like they were when they were first installed, you would be on your hands and knees scrubbing the surface. This was time consuming and difficult to say the least. Fortunately you don’t need to do that any more as technology has bridged the gap for you. This Bissell is a fully powered mop that has specially designed pads, spinning in such a manner as to quickly remove grime and caked on dirt from any hard floor. How does the SpinWave make it look so easy?

It Starts With Their Unique Pads

The SpinWave comes with two different types of pads that each serve a different purpose. Their Scrubby Pads are a little rougher to the touch and are made to handle difficult, sticky messes. The texture will agitate even the most stubborn mess so it can be completely removed, leaving the surface looking like nothing was ever there. Their Soft Touch Pads are different in that they are more gentle in their design. They are perfect for lighter messes on delicate floors like sealed hardwood and laminate. The spinning action will polish the surface so it looks better than if you had used a spray mop, or even if you had done it by hand.

Safe For Sealed Floors

Bissell states that this model is safe for sealed hard floor surfaces like wood and tile that you would normally not be able to mop. They include their soft touch pads that are designed to buff the surface to a shine without scratching or damaging anything. A push button can dispense a small amount of cleaning solution when the mess calls for it. The spinning pads and the solution can take care of any mess found in a typical household.

Main Features

  1. Light and Easy To Maneuver – lightweight design (less than 10 pounds) and pivot point at the neck makes this cleaner easy to maneuver around all items in your home
  2. Spinning Pads Power Through Messes – dual spinning pads are designed to remove dirt and other debris from your hard floors, comes with soft and rough ‘scrubby’ pads
  3. On Demand Cleaning Spray – push button activation of the cleaning spray lets you hit tougher messes without taking your hand off the handle
  4. Multi Surface Cleaning Formula – included is a specially formulated solution that cleans all types of smooth flooring, designed by Bissell for their lineup
  5. Easy Fill Tank – easy to add water and the solution to the tank, activate the spray, and get the floors looking like new
  6. Excellent Online Reviews – mainly positive consumer and industry reviews, as well as a low purchase price

Why Buy The Powered SpinWave?

If you have mostly carpets then you should realize that the SpinWave is not the best cleaner for your home. However, if you have a mix of carpeting and hard floors or even all smooth flooring then this machine can really help you keep them clean. This will become even more evident if you have a busy household with many feet traveling over them. It is designed to clean up tough, sticky messes from your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, and laundry room. The two different pads can handle just about anything you can throw at it whether it comes from your kids, your pets, or you.

Some Of The Notable Positives From Our Experiences

  • It’s easy to use and very light, literally floats over the surface
  • Simple to hand wash the pads when you are finished cleaning
  • Works great as a spot cleaner or for whole room sessions
  • Fairly long cord so you have enough reach to not have to constantly find an outlet
  • Large tank lasts for several rooms without the need for refilling
  • Saves on your hands and knees if you are used to scrubbing sticky grime off

The Bissell SpinWave powered mop can work wonders on sealed floors by saving you time and energy when compared to a manual scrubber. The spinning pads work like a buffer and are built for removing stains with only a small amount of cleaning solution needed. It’s also one of the more affordable cleaners with this capability. Click here to check current pricing and read additional consumer reviews at our recommended supplier.