Bissell PowerEdge Pet Corded Hard Floor Vacuum

The PowerEdge Pet is a lightweight stick vacuum from Bissell that is purpose built for removing all types of debris from just about any hard floor surface in your home. It is ideal for homes with one or more pets, or really any household with high traffic areas as those seem to be a magnet for filth. It is a corded model so it doesn’t have the portability that other cordless brands do, but it is lightweight and has 20 feet of cord to work with. This makes it easy to carry around from room to room, and even up multiple flights of stairs if needed.

They state that it will pick up pet hair, dust bunnies, and other debris from tight corners on your smooth floors without requiring the use of attachments. This is not an easy task but is made possible by the unique design of the vacuum head. It is shaped in a V and has what Bissell calls ‘rubber wipers’ underneath that direct larger items towards the center of the suction path. The rubber is also designed to attract fine particles along the outer edge of these arms so nothing is left behind. This shape also lets you use the PowerEdge around furniture legs and other common items that you will encounter while cleaning around your home.


As stated above, the PowerEdge model 81L2A has a unique appearance that is quite unlike other corded lightweight vacuums. The biggest difference is really the shape of the floor nozzle but it also is quite slender with a good sized collection bin. Here is a picture to show the main qualities.

Types Of Floors It’s Designed For

The Bissell PowerEdge is really designed for hard flooring like hardwood, tile, laminate, and linoleum. However it will work adequately on area rugs or very low pile carpets but don’t expect to deep clean them. This is a job for larger, more powerful full sized vacuums that have multiple attachments for the job. The 81L2A just wasn’t built for that which is fine because that keeps the cost and overall weight of the machine low. Think of it more like a high powered broom that is much easier to use as there is no bending over with a dustpan.

More Suction Power Than You Expect

The suction power is surprisingly good and there are a couple of reasons for this. It has a cyclonic design with multiple interior cylinders to help separate the dust from the air as it passes through. This virtually eliminates clogging that other lesser powered cleaners can experience. Also, the V shape of the head directs the air towards the middle where the power is strongest. All of the particles move towards the center where they can be quickly picked up into the collection bin. Pet hair, food particles, mud, dirt, and more are dispatched to leave your floors much cleaner than before.

Here is a quick video that they put together to demonstrate how it goes right up against any edge or baseboard which everyone knows are the hardest places to get completely clean.

Main Features

  • Swivel Head makes it easy to clean around furniture, beds, tables, and other large items
  • Unique Rubber Wipers are configured to direct large debris towards the center of the head while attracting fine dust particles and pet hair before they can blow away
  • Lightweight Design of just over 7 pounds makes it easy to carry the vacuum around your house without struggling
  • Easy Empty Dirt Cup lets you quickly drop the collected debris into the garbage so you can get back to vacuuming your hard floor
  • V Shaped Head not only directs everything in its’ path right to the middle of the suction but also makes it easy to get right up against walls and baseboards
  • No Spinning Brush Roll so you won’t be constantly untangling hair from the brushes after each use

What Do Online Consumer Reviews Think?

A good way to see how well any vacuum cleaner works for today’s household is to read through consumer reviews. You can get a good idea as to what qualities are positive and which ones are not. Most of the times it is apparent if the review is honest by the amount of detail they go into when describing these features or qualities.

We found several user submitted reviews and noticed that the majority were positive, with an overall rating awarded of just over 4 out of 5 stars. One thing that was noted many times was that the suction power is very strong but if you are vacuuming larger pieces like dog food or hard food pieces like almonds, they can become lodged in the suction path. When this happens it will restrict the amount of air and really degrade the power. These items are easy to clear so should the Bissell lose power during use it is recommended to try this.

Another theme of several reviews was how well the PowerEdge works on animal hair. This is due to the non brush roll design and V shape power head. It is a magnet for hair and other small items and there is no chance of it clogging up near the bottom like other vacuums do.

Is The PowerEdge A Must Have For Pet Owners?

Ultimately, the Bissell PowerEdge hard floor stick vacuum was designed for homes that have one or more pets and a variety of hard flooring. It works well on hardwood, tile, laminate, and linoleum but not on carpets. If you have mostly carpets then this isn’t the vacuum for you, but obviously that isn’t what it was designed for. It is very lightweight so you can move around your home with ease as long as you stay within reach of an electrical outlet as it isn’t cordless. This helps keep the price down but it also keeps the operating power constant since you don’t have to worry about fading batteries. For more information and to check current pricing, click here to visit our recommended supplier.