Allergy Busting Vacuums To Improve Indoor Comfort!

Indoor allergens are prevalent in the modern household. Microscopic organisms like dust mites and pet dander hide deep down in your carpets, occasionally stirring up into the air and right into your body. This isn’t a particularly pleasant experience, especially for those with allergies. A typical reaction could be difficulty breathing, sneezing, coughing, red and itchy eyes, or even a skin rash. As you can imagine, removing these irritants from your home is a must for improving the overall air quality for all family members.

Since housekeeping is very important, one of the first lines of defense is a vacuum cleaner but since there are so many choices it can be hard finding the best one for your household. Before we dive into our top choices there are a few qualities that are important for anyone looking to buy.

Important Features

  • A HEPA filter and motor pre-filter – HEPA filters are very important for removing microscopic allergens down to the size of 0.3 microns (or preferably smaller). The result is cleaner air being expelled back into the room.
  • A motorized head – Spinning brushes are also important to help stir up embedded dirt from the carpet’s fibers so it can be pulled up into the collection chamber. No matter how powerful the vacuum is it won’t have much success without a powered brush roll.
  • Bagged or no touch bagless design – Dust bags are usually better for allergies but if the machine is bagless then it needs to have a hygienic empty bin. This results in no touching of dust when emptying.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating what to look for when comparing vacuums for asthma and allergy sufferers:

Our Top Recommended Allergy Upright

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal gets 5 stars as our highest recommended upright vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Cinetic AnimalIn fact, it is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the AAFA (see the AAFA certification program to learn more about what this means). Basically, it was put through an independent program of rigorous testing where it met and exceeded their criteria making it one of the best vacuum choices available today.

Their Cinetic™ technology oscillates at a robust speed of 5,000 Hz which does a couple of things. First, it completely separates dust from the air to prevent any build up which is a major reason why other cleaners clog. And second, the result of this is you no longer have to wash or replace any filters. It is so efficient that dirt simply cannot gather on the filters inside.

The 'Big Ball' is a polycarbonate sphere that not only houses the important internal components but also helps it steer almost effortlessly. As you turn the Animal its’ axis is tilted which lowers the steering radius. This allows you to move it around any item in your home in one easy motion, something not possible with standard wheels.

Other features include airtight HEPA filtration, a low center of gravity, and such attachments as a soft dusting brush, multi angle brush, a reach under tool, a mattress attachment, and a spinning turbine tool with a no tangle design. And since it is bagless it comes with a one push hygienic empty bin so you won’t be contacting anything that comes out of it.

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A 5 Star Canister Choice

Our top canister choice is the Miele C3 Complete as it has enough power for whole household cleaning on a regular basis.

Miele C3 CompleteThis is important because a lot of canisters really only can handle lower piled carpets or hard floors, but to be recommended for those with allergies it has to be able to handle medium to high pile rugs as well.

Built in Germany, Miele’s lineup is constructed of heavy duty components and put through rigorous testing to make sure it will last for much longer than other less expensive vacuum cleaners (upwards of 20 years). The main feature is their Electro Plus powered brush that can pull embedded dirt out of any carpeting. It has five level height adjustments and an independent motor to spin the brush roll, keeping it from bogging down under a heavy load.

Their multi-stage HEPA filtration system is where the C3 really shines. Dubbed AirClean, it consists of a HyClean dustbag, motor protection filter, and exhaust filter. They work together to remove more than 99.9% of fine dust from the air making it an excellent choice for family members who have indoor allergies.

Another unique feature is the Parquet Twister which provides 180 degrees of rotation on a variety of smooth surfaces. You also get such standard integrated accessories as a dusting brush, crevice nozzle, and upholstery attachment. This gives you what you need to tackle those other ‘above floor’ surfaces.

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A Solid 4 Star Model

The SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Upright is a commercial grade model, designed and built in Germany just like the Miele above.

SEBO X4SEBO filters are actually recommended by the British Allergy Foundation because of their ability to remove allergens via a tightly designed system. The air has virtually no place to go except through these filters so the end result is much cleaner air that comes back out.

The internal components are solidly built of aluminum and metal, with steel axles and bearings to withstand the rigors of many hours of cleaning. SEBO users invest once in a vacuum and not again for decades. As a matter of fact, multiple lower priced or “disposable” vacuums would be bought during the typical lifespan of the Automatic X4. The company stands behind it with a 7 year warranty on the high-end motor and a 5 year warranty on other non wearing parts.

The bag design is such that their replacement bags can be changed in just a couple of seconds, with full sealing upon removal via a cap on the end. The standard attachments are included and their Pet model comes with a hand held Turbo brush with stretch hose. You can also use it fully flat, at around 5.5 inches of height, which is almost unheard of with upright models.

So why only 4 stars? The main reason for a slightly lower rating is the price when compared to the Dyson. A Dyson will still last for many more years than a cheap model but will only cost about 1/2 as much as the SEBO. The X4 is also not as widely available but that is something that is slowly changing as more people become familiar with their lineup. However, as far as quality and cleaning ability their really is nothing that exceeds the Automatic X4. Reading consumer reviews is a quick way to back this up as well, so if you can afford it and want a bagged upright for your home then this SEBO is the one we would recommend buying. They are one of the best high-end brands available today.

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For The Budget Minded Household

When we can, we like to recommend a lower priced vacuum that can still provide a lot of value for the cost. The Kenmore Elite is an affordable canister that has been certified by the AAFA as well.

Kenmore EliteIt earns our 3 star rating as a solid choice that can handle just about any floors you have, including most carpets. As long as you don’t have very thick or plush carpet choices in your home it will do a great job pulling dust up.

Their Ultra Plush™ power nozzle does a good job on carpeting, and when coupled with their unique air intake design it removes a large amount of dirt in no time. Weighing in at over 25 lbs. it isn’t the lightest model but it won’t strain your back either. The wheels do roll nicely over multiple types of surfaces so you won’t have trouble moving from room to room.

Other features include a telescoping wand with built-in LED lighting, a horsehair dusting brush, floor brush, and variable speed settings. And for those homes with pets it also includes their PowerMate attachment with spinning brushes. It is designed to lift hair and dander out of fibers so they don’t end up on you or breathed into your body.

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