Hoover Sprint QuickVac Vacuum

The Sprint QuickVac is one of Hoover’s most compact and lightweight vacuums, designed for tighter spaces that don’t offer a lot of room for turning. Even though it is one of their lighter cleaners it still boasts a good deal of suction power including their multi-cyclonic technology that separates the finest dust particles from the air before they come into contact with the filter. This not only keeps performance high but it also saves on maintenance as you are rinsing and replacing the filters less often.

It’s designed to handle multiples types of flooring including carpets and smooth surfaces like tile, linoleum, and hardwood. However, it really doesn’t have the size and power to deep clean thick or high piled carpeting so if that describes a good portion of your home then you should look for something bigger. The various floors coincide with 3 different nozzle height settings, to position the head at the right distance from the surface. This isn’t quite the adjustability of higher end vacuums but it does an adequate job when you transition from one room to the next.
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SEBO Essential G Series Uprights

The SEBO Essential G lineup consists of two models that are designed and built in Germany, providing many years of commercial grade cleaning for your home. SEBO is known for building very high quality vacuum cleaners that will hold up to the rigors of cleaning a busy household. One of their main goals is to get people to realize that they don’t have to replace their cleaner every couple of years. Almost half the people buying a new vacuum have also purchased one within the past two years. That is a lot of waste in our landfills and a lot of wasted money. By educating people on the benefits of spending a little more money now to save a lot later, their company is doing a lot of good for this planet. In fact they are so confident in the quality of construction of their lineup that they offer consumers a five year warranty on parts and even labor should the machine need work.

The main difference between the two Essential upright vacuums is the size of the Power Head. The G1 comes with a 12 inch width while the G2 is fitted with a slightly larger 15 inches. The best choice really comes down to the size of your home and the general amount of carpeting throughout the house. Most people are fine with the G1 but you would want to consider the G2 if your home is larger or your rooms are very open. It would save some time as you would make fewer passes over the carpet each cleaning session.
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Hoover Cruise Cordless Vacuum

The Cruise™ is the latest ultra lightweight offering from Hoover that comes with many improvements over their prior generation of cordless vacuums. It has a variety of configurations that allow you to clean just about any surface in your home. And since it is cordless you can move around freely without the hassle of staying near an electrical outlet. And when you are done you can simply hang it onto the wall charger so it is ready to go next time. Today’s cordless vacuum cleaner has seen so many improvements over the last couple years that they are now a viable option for the modern household.

The biggest improvement found on the Cruise has to be the 22 volt lithium ion battery. Prior generations came with low powered batteries that didn’t hold a charge for long, typically only 10 to 15 minutes. The newer generation of batteries is much better, both in terms of power output and length of use. And not only will it last longer but the power is constant right up until it is drained. When it comes to lighter weight cordless vacuums it is always better to have constant power for the entire cleaning session.
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Oreck Elevate Conquer Vacuum Cleaner

The Elevate Conquer™ from Oreck is built for maximum maneuverability without sacrificing the power needed for entire household cleaning. It is very lightweight but you should think of it as a full sized upright vacuum that is capable of cleaning a variety of floor types including tile, hardwood, linoleum, and of course carpeting. It isn’t loaded with attachments but instead is outfitted with the essentials to give you what you need for just about any surface, either at or above floor level.

The first thing you will notice about the Conquer is what they call the SlimSwivel™ steering to make it easier to move around your home. One of the biggest problems with larger upright vacuums is they can be difficult to steer around furniture. It is cumbersome as you constantly back it up and turn the wheels, which are typically fixed in a straight position. When you combine that with a rigid neck it doesn’t lend itself well to easy steering. Oreck decided to change this by putting a pivot point in the neck which allows you to turn and pivot around larger items much easier. You will save time by making fewer passes in each room.
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Miele Capri Canister Vacuum Review

The Miele Capri is one of their C1 Classic vacuums that is lighter in weight but can still handle most floors. Like their other canister models it has a variety of features that let you clean just about anything in your home. It is also designed and tested to be used for many years of typical cleaning. In fact, they put it through the equivalent of 20 years of use just to make sure it will hold up. The construction happens in Miele owned plants where they provide quality inspections at various points in the assembly process. The end result is a vacuum cleaner that is built to last.

The Capri (former S2121) comes with two different full sized attachments, each designed specifically for different types of flooring. The Turbo Comfort Brush has a rotating brushroll that helps stir up embedded dirt from carpet fibers. This attachment is not electrically powered like the Electrobrush tools on the larger models (only powered by air suction) so it isn’t ideal for thick or high pile carpets. It does, however, work well on low to medium pile carpeting.
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Dyson V Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The Dyson V6, V7, and V8 are not your average cord-free vacuums or at least not what you would think of when you hear that term. You might think a cordless vacuum would have little suction and not be able to run long on a full charge, and this was the case just a short time ago. The technology just wasn’t able to put out a machine that could do anything other than clean up small messes. However, Dyson has completely changed that but that is not surprising as they are constantly re-setting the industry expectations. How exactly did they do that with their V Series?

The technological advancements all start with the motor and batteries. The power-dense motor uses what is called ‘digital pulse’ with an internal magnet to spin at an almost unheard of 110,000 times per minute. This generates quite a bit of suction in such a small body. In fact, the all new V8 has completely revamped internal electronics when compared to their prior generation of cord-free models. The result is more efficiency and power without the addition of extra size or weight. And when this is coupled with an all new lithium ion battery, you end up with less fading and longer run time. The highest end vacuum can run for around 40 minutes on a full charge.
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