Hoover Windtunnel 3 Pet Bagless Upright

The latest generation upright from Hoover is their Windtunnel 3 Pet, specifically designed to tackle the unique challenge of keeping a home with one or more pets clean. Animals shed their hair often, but their hair isn’t the only problem. Dander, or dead skin cells also flakes off their bodies and triggers indoor allergies in many people. It takes the right combination of filtration, suction power, and attachments to rid your home of these allergens and that is what this new Hoover is all about.

The suction power starts with their Windtunnelâ„¢ technology which creates 3 air channels to lift and remove deeply embedded dirt particles from high pile carpets. And their multi-cyclonic interior design solves one of the biggest problems that bagless vacuums suffer from…clogging and loss of suction power over time. The air is passed through 13 cyclones to filter out dust and other debris before it gets to the filters. This results in much less buildup inside and keeps the cleaner operating at peak performance for extended cleaning sessions.
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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Canister

The Dyson Cinetic “Big Ball” is a revolutionary canister vacuum and represents a big step forward in their technology. Their vacuums have always been bagless which cuts down on the maintenance costs quite a bit. Replacement bags can really add up in your budget which is one of the big advantages of owning a Dyson. And up until now you would still be required to occasionally wash the HEPA and other filters to keep them operating at peak condition. This isn’t a difficult thing but it does take some time and effort, but their all new Cinetic models don’t even require this small step. You can pretty much just use it and put it away without worrying about it clogging up over time.

Another advantage to this model is it will fix itself should it topple over. As anyone who has used a canister vacuum cleaner knows they can sometimes tip over as they are pulled around corners. The low center of gravity and large Ball design allow it to easily just pick itself back up so you can continue on. It’s a really unique quality and one that other manufacturers are sure to copy in the future. Until then it is another reminder that Dyson is a company that remains deeply vested in technological improvements.
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Shark Navigator Vacuum Series

The Shark Navigator is their original upright vacuum that was designed for no frills ‘whole household’ cleaning. It originally came with a large dust capacity, powerful motor, and low price tag making it an excellent choice for families. Today the Navigator lineup is made up of several different models and configurations, letting you choose which cleaner is right for your home. Each of them share the same goal of removing dirt from high traffic areas and most are equipped with excellent HEPA filtration to trap the smallest of allergens as the air passes through. Here is a detailed comparison to help you decide if one is the best option for your family.
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Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Canister

The Compact C2 is a ‘do it all’ canister vacuum from one of the best known brands in the industry. It is one of the more unique vacuums in that it works great on all types of carpeting from low to high pile as well as smooth floors like tile, laminate, and hardwood. Most canisters are purpose built for hard floor surfaces and the occasional throw rug, but Miele realizes that the modern household needs more. Their lineup is one of the most robust that you will find, with several models in each category. The main thing that separates them is the attachments but there are other subtle differences that you should be aware of before you decide to buy one.

The first thing you will notice about the C2 Electro+ is it comes with both their hard floor and carpet ElectroBrush attachment. The Parquet-3 has an extra wide profile to pick up the most dirt and dust while making passes across your smoother surfaces. It has soft natural bristles which not only stir up any debris so it can be pulled up into the cleaner, but they also won’t damage your floor at all. The Parquet lets you easily clean large areas with the need for a broom or dust pan. This tool is one of the best for hard floors, and one that you will find yourself cleaning with often.
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Hoover Sprint QuickVac Vacuum

The Sprint QuickVac is one of Hoover’s most compact and lightweight vacuums, designed for tighter spaces that don’t offer a lot of room for turning. Even though it is one of their lighter cleaners it still boasts a good deal of suction power including their multi-cyclonic technology that separates the finest dust particles from the air before they come into contact with the filter. This not only keeps performance high but it also saves on maintenance as you are rinsing and replacing the filters less often.

It’s designed to handle multiples types of flooring including carpets and smooth surfaces like tile, linoleum, and hardwood. However, it really doesn’t have the size and power to deep clean thick or high piled carpeting so if that describes a good portion of your home then you should look for something bigger. The various floors coincide with 3 different nozzle height settings, to position the head at the right distance from the surface. This isn’t quite the adjustability of higher end vacuums but it does an adequate job when you transition from one room to the next.
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SEBO Essential G Series Uprights

The SEBO Essential G lineup consists of two models that are designed and built in Germany, providing many years of commercial grade cleaning for your home. SEBO is known for building very high quality vacuum cleaners that will hold up to the rigors of cleaning a busy household. One of their main goals is to get people to realize that they don’t have to replace their cleaner every couple of years. Almost half the people buying a new vacuum have also purchased one within the past two years. That is a lot of waste in our landfills and a lot of wasted money. By educating people on the benefits of spending a little more money now to save a lot later, their company is doing a lot of good for this planet. In fact they are so confident in the quality of construction of their lineup that they offer consumers a five year warranty on parts and even labor should the machine need work.

The main difference between the two Essential upright vacuums is the size of the Power Head. The G1 comes with a 12 inch width while the G2 is fitted with a slightly larger 15 inches. The best choice really comes down to the size of your home and the general amount of carpeting throughout the house. Most people are fine with the G1 but you would want to consider the G2 if your home is larger or your rooms are very open. It would save some time as you would make fewer passes over the carpet each cleaning session.
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